Scott Klinger has been stimulating conversations on the role of corporations in society for more than three decades. As a former Institute for Policy Studies associate fellow, he worked from the inside as a portfolio manager in the socially responsible investment industry and a consultant to one of the world’s largest corporations and from the outside as co-director of the Responsible Wealth project of United for a Fair Economy, research director for Corporate Accountability International, and tax policy director for the American Sustainable Business Council. Most recently, Scott was the Director of Revenue and Spending Policies at the Center for Effective Government.


CEO Stock(ing) Stuffers

Loophole allowed 10 companies to shave $180 million off their taxes for CEO pay last year.

Report: 100 CEOs Have as Much in Retirement Assets as 41% of American Families

A just-released report by the Center for Effective Government and the Institute for Policy Studies, A Tale of Two Retirements, is the first to provide detailed statistics on the staggering gap between the retirement assets of Fortune 500 CEOs and the rest of America.

A Tale of Two Retirements

One hundred CEOs have as much in retirement assets as 41 percent of American families.

Burning Our Bridges

President Obama and some members of Congress think the easiest way to fund infrastructure is by granting corporations a large tax cut on their untaxed offshore profits.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “Burning Our Bridges”

How a Tax Holiday is the Wrong Way to Fix our Public Infrastructure

Fleecing Uncle Sam

A growing number of corporations spend more on executive compensation than federal income taxes.

Platinum-Plated Pensions

In the current budget debate, the loudest calls for Social Security cuts are coming from two lobby groups led by CEOs who will never have to worry about their own retirement security.

Fibs and Falsehoods: Darden Corporation Claims ‘No One Makes $2.13 An Hour’

A recent IPS op-ed on tipped wages has provoked an unfounded attack by the world’s largest full service restaurant chain.

SEC Issues Strong Rule on CEO-Worker Pay Gaps

IPS executive compensation experts available to comment on SEC rule released today.

Why Your Waiter Hasn’t Gotten a Raise in 22 Years

The federal sub-minimum wage for tipped workers helps large restaurant corporations and their CEOs pad their bottom lines while trapping millions of American workers in economic insecurity.

$9.54 a Second: Why CEOs Fight on Wages

Surely the businesses that measure their executive pay in dollars per second can afford raises to bring their lowest wage workers above the poverty level.

Executive Excess 2013: Bailed Out, Booted, and Busted

Nearly 40 percent of the CEOs on the highest-paid lists from the past 20 years were eventually “bailed out, booted, or busted.”

Stop the CEO March on Washington

Millions of people acting together can still beat millions of dollars.

The Tradeoff Between Apple and Apples

There would be no need for our elected leaders to trim our safety net if our richest corporations didn’t turn avoiding their fair share of taxes into an art form.

The Dirt on Fix the Debt’s Advocacy of a Territorial Tax System

The “Fix the Debt” lobby group called a recent IPS report “lies and mudslinging.” But rather than attacking IPS research, the group may want to focus on resolving their own inconsistencies.

House Hearing on Tax Havens: Possible “Purple” Issue?

Tax havens could be something that the right and left agree on in Congress. Meanwhile U.S. multinational corporations continue to lobby for bigger, better tax haven loopholes.

It’s Time Corporations Flew Old Glory Instead of the Jolly Roger

Instead of gaming the tax system to boost corporate profits, American business leaders need to start investing more in this nation.

New Report: Corporate Pirates of the Caribbean

A new report looks at pro-austerity CEOs who seek to widen tax haven loopholes.

“Fix the Debt” CEOs Enjoy Taxpayer-Subsidized Pay

A new report by IPS and Campaign for America’s Future shows that America’s top CEOs are pocketing massive taxpayer subsidies at the same time they’re pushing austerity cutbacks in government programs that benefit ordinary citizens.

Corporate Tax Dodgers: 10 Companies and Their Tax Loopholes

A new report looks at 10 U.S. corporations that have used an array of tax loopholes and corporate subsidies to slash their tax bills: Bank of America, Citigroup, ExxonMobil, FedEx, General Electric, Honeywell, Merck, Microsoft, Pfizer, and Verizon.