The Undersea World of Ali Khamenei

Why does Iran want so many submarines?

Contraception and the New Crusades

Many white Americans fear “population control” lest the world be overrun by madly procreating Muslims.

Does the Saudi Arms Deal Jeopardize Israel?

The United States may soon find that it can’t “have it both ways” by arming Saudi Arabia and maintaining Israel’s qualitative military advantage.

My Day With a Real Thrill Kill Cult: the MEK

Members of the Mujahideen-e Khalq endangered in an Iraq refugee camp are due to be resettled by the United Nations.

The World Is Finally Fighting Off the Infection of Neoliberalism

The immediate progenitors to Occupy Wall Street are international: from Tunisia and Egypt to Wisconsin.

What War Between Iran and Saudi Arabia Might Look Like

In the event of war, Iran’s missiles could wreak havoc with Saudi Arabia.

Bono’s African Philanthropy Could Use a Remix

Bono’s new ONE campaign to help with famine in the Horn of Africa ignores the political causes of the crisis.

Palestinian Christians Given Short Shrift by U.S. Christian Zionists

Lack of concern for Palestine’s Christians shows U.S. Christian Zionists’ true colors.