Saul Landau was an internationally known scholar, author, commentator, and filmmaker on foreign and domestic policy issues. He was a fellow at IPS since 1972 and at the Transnational Institute since 1974 until his death in 2013. He wrote 13 books, thousands of newspaper and magazine articles and reviews, and made more than 40 films and TV programs on social, political, economic and historical issues.

Among his numerous accolades, Saul received the George Polk Award for Investigative Reporting and an Emmy for his 1980 film, “Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang” (with Jack Willis), as well as the Letelier-Moffitt Award for his human rights work. He won a Golden Apple award for “The Sixth Sun: Mayan Uprising in Chiapas” as well as first prizes in many festivals with films about Fidel Castro, Salvador Allende and Subcomandante Marcos. He was Professor Emeritus at Cal Poly Pomona University.

Saul’s columns can be read on and at Saul’s newest film is “Will the Real Terrorist Please Standup” (2011). It is available on DVD.


The Forever Fidel Obsession

Cuba isn’t trending capitalist, but Castro and his successors need to figure out how to fix the country’s economic woes to create a healthy, productive society.

The Rhetoric-Reality Gulf

Network media mavens evoke disaster about the Gulf’s fate, while the gulf between reality and rhetoric grows accordingly.

Remember Vietistan?

With the latest Pentagon resignation, the Vietnam analogy continues to haunt the United States in Afghanistan.

Fifty Years Later, the Struggle Continues

The civil rights movement unified millions of Americans behind one basic issue: getting the vote. They succeeded. What issue today could unify such a movement?

Housing is a Human Right

Self-righteous human rights attacks on other countries don’t help mask glaring needs at home, particularly food and shelter for millions.

DoD: The Biggest Corporation of All

We’re in a recession. So why is Obama declaring the Pentagon budget “untouchable”?

A Really Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore didn’t even touch upon what the world needs to do to avert a global warming catastrophe.

Magical Realism — A Coup in Honduras, so 20th Century!

A coup is a coup only after Washington defines it as such.

Obama: Almost One Year Assessment

A rundown of what the president didn’t–and couldn’t–do in 2009.

Dissidents Make NoiseOops, News

Government corruption no longer makes the mainstream media watchdogs bark.

Cuban Embargo: Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

Will Obama follow precedent when it comes to Cuba?

A Late September Morning With Fidel, Part 1

From guerrilla warrior to statesman — now comfortably retired.

A late September Morning with Fidel, Part 2

A very retired Fidel has become reflective.

General McMoreland in Vietistan

The White House and the Pentagon should heed lessons learned in the past.

Hypocrisy and the Honduran Coup

The United States needs to stop supporting coups — of all political stripes — and start supporting actual democracy.

No Bernie Madoff for the Most Vulnerable to Blame

In a time of recession, who is looking out for the poorest U.S. citizens?

A Telephone Conversation with Gerardo Hernandez: Part 3

Hernandez discusses his family and life in “the box.”

A Telephone Conversation with Gerardo Hernandez: Part 2

Saul Landau continues his interview with one of the imprisoned Cuban Five members.

A Telephone Conversation with Gerardo Hernandez: Part 1

Saul Landau interviews one of the imprisoned members of the Cuban Five, Gerardo Hernandez.

Capitalism has Failed: Face the Facts

Refusal by the Obama administration to face dire economic facts will cause foolishness or inaction. The people who put him in office need to organize before it’s too late.

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