As the Social Media Strategist and Graphic Designer, Sarah works on graphic design, social media, and communications for the Institute for Policy Studies. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in graphic design in 2018 and spent much of her undergraduate years involved in the Richmond environmental activism scene, doing design work, canvassing, and recruitment with various political campaigns and nonprofits. She is thrilled to be in D.C. working and learning with IPS, and continuing to expand her social movement involvement through her design roots.


Liberation Is Jewish History. Let’s Make It Our Future, Too.

Jewish people should defend our heritage and stand up against violent injustices in our name.

Billionaires: A Visual Explainer

An illustrated look at a system allowing billionaire wealth to balloon, all at the expense of everything else we care about.

Trump’s Judaism Order Has Nothing to Do with Fighting Anti-Semitism

The man who called neo-Nazis “very fine people” has no business defining anti-Semitism for the rest of us.

Criticizing Israel Isn’t Anti-Semitic. Here’s What Is.

Pro-Israel politicians don’t speak for young Jews like me. They shouldn’t pretend to.