Sameer Dossani is the Director of Amnesty International’s Demand Dignity project.


Chomsky: Understanding the Crisis Markets, the State and Hypocrisy

It’s time for the United States to finally deal with its dysfunctional health care and to find inspiration in South America.

Chomsky: Undermining Gaza

Noam Chomsky discusses how Israel’s efforts to “delay diplomacy” have shaped its conflict with Gaza.

The Case for U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Instead of scaling up an already disastrous war, the United States could change course in a way that would ultimately do a lot more to ensure the world’s safety.

The IMF is Dead; Long Live the IMF

Without bothering to learn from the mistakes that until recently had it desperately seeking a new mission, the IMF again is turning into the world’s financial firefighter.

The Commodities Bubble

The economics behind the food crisis.

Africa’s Unnatural Disaster

Economic policy is to blame for hunger in Africa.

Hungry for Justice

Indian guest workers, brought to the United States to help rebuild following hurricanes Katrina and Rita, hold a hunger strike to protest abuse by Signal International.

Pakistans Wounded Dictator

General Musharraf just can’t understand why everybody’s out to get him.

Zoellicks World Bank Coronation

Umpire, this game is fixed! Zoellick is poised to replace Wolfowitz in the World Bank’s latest one-horse-race.

Three Reasons Im Going to the Social Forum

Activists from all across the United States are converging on Atlanta…

Wolfowitz’s Golden Parachute

Before confirming Zoellick as its next president, the World Bank should ask him a simple question: Are you, like your predecessor, aiming to get rich off of eliminating poverty?

Investors Aim to Profit from Zambia’s Poverty

“Vulture Fund” is example of profiteering at its worst.

Walls, Amnesty, and False Choices

Most undocumented workers come from a region heavily influenced by U.S. foreign policy. It’s not a coincidence.

Postcard From Singapore

Postcard From … Singapore

Africa Falls Off the IMF Agenda (Again)

A shuffling of the Fund’s voting shares slashed Africa’s already minimal decision-making power. While unfair, the move is just a symptom of what’s wrong with the IMF.