Russ Wellen holds down the “Nukes and Other WMD’s” desk at the Faster Times, and writes “The Deproliferator” for Scholars & Rogues and other blogs. He is an advisor to the Madrona Institute and co-moderates Terralist.


“Countdown to Zero” Eclipses Those on the Frontlines of Disarmament

Is Countdown to Zero about nonproliferation for all — or just those with brown skin?

NorK “Coup-Proofed” From Both Within and Without

Like any tyrant, Kim Jong-il relies on numerous tools of authoritarian control to stay in power.

At Local Level, Secrecy Industry Puts a Damper on Neighborliness

Unchecked growth in intelligence agencies even affects how those who live near them interact with neighbors.

Holding Israel’s Hand While It Attacks Iran

House Republicans are sponsoring a resolution to make it that much easier to back an Israeli attack on Iran.

Will Wikileaker SPC. Bradley Manning Be Redeemeed?

What will become of incarcerated Wikileaker SPC. Bradley Manning?

South Korea Odd Man Out in Cheonan Outcome

United States fail to press the advantage in the Cheonan incident.

Proclaiming One’s Supremacy Doesn’t Become a Supreme Leader

The Supreme Leader is no more supreme than the pope is infallible.

On Trying Not to Think of Stalin While Reading the Priest-Arkin Series

The secretive national security world that Dana Priest and William Arkin catalogue in the Washington Post can’t help but invoke Stalin.

Are Nuclear Weapons Really the Ultimate in More Bang for the Buck?

New affordable technology is feeding states dreams of nuclear programs.

U.S.-Iran: Small Voice of Optimism, Deafening Chorus of Dread

One sure way to silence the din of rattling sabers is to go to war.

Israel: World’s Most Aggressive Ebay Bidders

Massive retaliation by Israel against Palestine is a lose-lose strategy.

Think Tanks Are Rolling Over Moderate Republicans

Think-tank hawks have all but run realist Republicans out of the party.

Iran Sanctions a Slap in the Face to Other Countries Too

Iran sanctions are for the benefit — or lack thereof — of other countries as well.

Middle East: What’s Hot — North, What’s Not — South

Turkey, Iran, and Syria are displacing Egypt, Saudi Arabia as the power players in the Middle East.

Costa Rica’s Love-Hate Relationship With Heavy US Military Footprint

Why has the United States dispatched a massive force to Costa Rica of all places?

Sri Lankan Minister’s Sad Parody of Satyagraha

Sri Lankan minister perverts the concept of a hunger strike.

It’s Not an “Anthropology of Afghanistan” We Need, But of Us

Afghanistan holds a mirror up to the United States of our misconceptions.

Picture Obama Authorizing a Nuclear Attack

Would President Obama respond to a nuclear attack — whether from another country or terrorists — with one of our own?

The Red Mosque Was Pakistan’s Waco

The siege of the Red Mosque in 2007 was as much a rallying cry for disaffected Pakistanis as Waco was for the American militia movement.

Friday Fun: Imams Gone Wild

The breast-feeding fatwa has been great fun for the blogosphere, but it’s emblematic of the strange workings of the minds of male theologians.