Russ Wellen holds down the “Nukes and Other WMD’s” desk at the Faster Times, and writes “The Deproliferator” for Scholars & Rogues and other blogs. He is an advisor to the Madrona Institute and co-moderates Terralist.


Should Progressives Concern Themselves With Defense Strategy and Line Items?

Those on the left cede defense issues to the right and the center.

What Would It Take for Americans to React Like “Gaza Youth Breaks Out”?

By the time we’ve had enough, it will be too late.

Resilience, Thy Name Is Al Qaeda

Its rejuvenation is no reason to panic — yet again.

George Clooney Wants the Genocidal to Get as Much Attention as He Does

Groundbreaking new monitoring program begins in Sudan.

Does Prague Stop With START?

Yet another reason New START isn’t cause for celebration.

“Scam Fatigue” May Save Singh’s Hide

The 2G spectrum scandal has shaken India.

New START Closer to Breaking Out of the Blocks

Ratification is like the starter’s gun — but where’s the finish line?

Why Would U.S. Urge U.N. to Allow Iraq a Nuclear Energy Program?

How does this help the United States?

Nuclear Disarmament: First Line of Defense Against the Destruction of the Environment

Earth’s rarity as a planet that supports advanced life is argument enough to handle it with care.

New START: Once Again, Where Is the Disarmament in This Picture?

America’s nuclear chief is a little too happy about New START.

Is Iran President Ahmadinejad Trying to Out-Supreme the Supreme Leader?

The time may come when Iran’s Supreme Leader is forced to surrender his power to the president.

Torture and the Ticking Time Bomb (Read: Nuclear) Scenario

Too unreal to justify torture, but not the movie it was meant to be.

Do Arab States Really Want the U.S. to Attack Iran?

Maybe the New York Times and Washington Post should have applied the smell test first.

“Tory scum! Off with their heads!”

Should American youth, burdened with student loans, take a cue from their British counterparts?

Disarmament and Nonproliferation: Which Is the Cart, Which Is the Horse?

Recently nonproliferation has begun to obstruct disarmament.

Assange’s Arrest: Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

The WikiLeaks founder is prepared to make the authorities very sorry for arresting him.

Insert Your Own Julian Assange Slur Here: __________

With all the wrath called down on the WikiLeaks founder, you’d think he started a war.

Even Obama Wouldn’t Trade DADT and Dream Act for New START. Would He?

The price for Republican votes to ratify New START keeps rising.

Opposition to New START Pits Republicans Against Traditional Allies

In the rush to thwart President Obama, Republicans trample their own values.

The Front Lines of Disarmament: Blocking a Nuclear Facility Six Times the Cost of the Manhattan Project

The first step to disarmament is simply to impede expansion of nuclear facilities.