Russ Wellen holds down the “Nukes and Other WMD’s” desk at the Faster Times, and writes “The Deproliferator” for Scholars & Rogues and other blogs. He is an advisor to the Madrona Institute and co-moderates Terralist.


What Does It Feel Like to Break Bread With a Murderer Slash Torturer?

Were Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama on the same page vis a vis Egypt?

It’s Not Our Values They Hate, It’s Our . . .

The United States often acts like it has the patent on democracy.

Emphasis on Social Networks Does a Disservice to Egyptian Protesters

Egypt has a rich tradition of humanitarianism.

Tahrir Square a Product, in Part, of the Perversion of Microcredit

Microcredit begets loan sharking which begat Tahrir Square.

The Egyptian Army: Make Money, Not War

Constrained from war by the Camp David accord, the Egyptian army lords it over the economy instead.

Using Islamophobia as a Pretext for Withdrawing From Afghanistan

If the two cultures genuinely dislike each other, cooperation between the United States and the Middle East in stamping out terrorism is doomed.

Revisiting the Neutered Medal of Honor Argument

In recent years, it’s awarded for acts of life-saving, not war.

Nuclear Disarmament Would Make U.S. Undisputed Arms Champ

Does no nukes equal more might for the U.S.?

You Can’t Tell Egypt’s Players Without a Scorecard

Egypt’s ruling apparatus is beset with competing agendas.

Two Outside-the-Box Questions About Egypt

Whither citizen journalism on TV news?

Will Computer Virus Stuxnet Sow Not Only Destruction, But Death?

Is a computer virus the perfect weapon?

Discouraging Civilian Cooperation With Counterterrorism, Part 963

The cure may be worse than the disease.

Will Stuxnet Leave as Much Collateral Damage as Any Weapon?

Even a computer virus like Stuxnet can cause nasty side effects.

Does the Taboo Against the Use of Nuclear Weapons Only Increase Their Allure?

The trouble with taboos is that they’re made to be broken.

Gen. Petraeus Makes McChrystal Look Like a Pacifist

Counterinsurgency can mean whatever you want it to mean.

Is “It’s Not Fair” a Childish Response to Being Denied Nuclear Weapons?

Nuclear “apartheid” is a critical concern to many states.

Israel’s Premier Theatre Company Presents Explosive Palestinian Drama

Israel-Palestinian collaboration produces play as riveting as it is healing.

Thanks to New START, You Too Can “Ride Out” a Nuclear Attack

A nuclear attack is a good opportunity to “cocoon.”

Nuclear Weapons Just Not Sexy Anymore

The U.S. nuclear-weapons program is long on money, short on recruits.

Israel to Rattle Its Saber a Little Less?

The retiring Mossad chief pushes back the date when Iran may acquire nuclear weapons.