Russ Wellen holds down the “Nukes and Other WMD’s” desk at the Faster Times, and writes “The Deproliferator” for Scholars & Rogues and other blogs. He is an advisor to the Madrona Institute and co-moderates Terralist.


Gen. Kayani’s Tenure as Most Powerful Man in Pakistan Coming to Premature End?

Since the bin Laden raid, the Pakistani army’s anger at its chief over his relationship with the United States has come to a head.

Israel’s 1981 Osirak Attack Poor Precedent for Attacking Iran

Israel’s attack on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor did little to halt Iraq’s nuclear-weapons program.

If We Survive the Next 100 Years, Which Came First: Nuclear Abolition or World Peace?

Can nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament treaties endure if states fail to resolve the issues between them?

Can Lasting Disarmament Be Achieved Without Peace First?

Is nuclear disarmament a sham between nations hostile to each other?

Specter of Not Only 9/11, But the ’93 WTC Bombing, Haunts One World Trade Center

The building replacing the Twin Towers may be vulnerable to a Mumbai-style or Stinger missile attack.

Israel and Iran: Partners in Plausible Nuclear Deniability

Israel and Iran are playing dangerous games with nuclear weapons by, respectively, denying its program and disavowing its likely intentions.

True or False? We Can Abolish Nuclear Weapons, But Not the Know-How

Can “virtual deterrence” lead to “stealth disarmament”?

Stockholm Institute Peels Back the Veneer of Nuclear Disarmament

New START’s token disarmament is canceled out by the vast amount of money the administration throws at the nuclear-weapons industry.

Can the Genie of Nuclear Knowledge Ever Be Put Back in the Bottle?

Whether or not nuclear weapons are ever abolished, mankind will still know how to make them, right?

Israel’s Atonal September Song

A UN vote to grant Palestine statehood may provoke an irrational reaction from Israel.

Taking Drones to Their Logical Conclusion: Nuclearize Them!

The proposed successor to the Stealth bomber boasts frightening new features.

Israel’s Madrassas

Extremist religious views, when central to a school’s curriculum, invariably dilute the quality of education.

The Death of Shahzad: Leave It to the ISI to Make al Qaeda Look Tame in Comparison

Though he reported al Qaeda and the Taliban’s innermost machinations, Syed Saleem Shahzad was most likely killed by his own country.

It’s Not Just Pakistan Whose Nuclear Program Is in Danger of Infiltration

Just how vulnerable to compromise are nuclear-weapons programs?

Disarm to Prevent Proliferation? Or Halt Proliferation to Enable Disarmament?

Conservatives and progressives are completely at odds over how to reduce the nuclear threat.

Nuclear Pits: Death in Its Most Concentrated Form

A new facility under construction at Los Alamos is pivotal to the manufacture of “nuclear pits,” the heart of nuclear weapons.

Fukushima Be Damned, Federal Court Brushes Off Seismic Nuke Risks

A lawsuit intended to delay construction of a facility to produce nuclear pits — the explosive core of the weapon — was dismissed.

Casting Credibility to Winds, Republicans Attempt to Disarm Disarmament

House Republicans seek to kill New START in the cradle.

Raise Your Hand if You Think the Expansion of Our Nuclear-Industrial Complex Escapes Iran

The Los Alamos Study Group, a nuclear watchdog, throws up a roadblock to halt a massively expensive new nuclear-weapons complex.

Are Nuclear Weapons Required to Enforce Nuclear Disarmament?

If we get to Global Zero, how do we stay there?