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Hamas Pulls Rug Out From Under IDF Chief of Staff

Hamas chief frustrates IDF chief by removing reasons for attacking Gaza.

Diplomats’ Reports in the Cold War Years: Indispensable or Exercise in Futility?

In her new book, Foreign Policy in Focus columnist Hannah Gurman explores the effects of diplomats’ reports on U.S. foreign policy since World War II.

Once-Great Journalist Shawcross Now Receives John Yoo Seal of Approval

William Shawcross was on board with the Bush administration’s counterterrorism policies.

Ron Paul’s Anti-War Stance Is to Progressives as Atheism Is to . . .

A personal post on the similarities with which a progressive experiences libertarianism and atheism.

When Diplomacy With Iran Was Not Only Legal, But Painless

The consequences of the Iran Threat Reduction Act’s provision for outlawing diplomacy with Iran could be dire.

Jaczko Jacked up: Nuclear Energy Mugs Regulatory Commish

Working through his fellow commissioners, nuclear energy political operatives have attacked Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner Gregory Jaczko.

Cracks in the Argument That Iran Is Realist and Rational?

Has an apocalyptic element surged to the fore in Iran?

Army Riflemen: No Trigger Finger Too Quick

The Army’s impending switch to a fully automatic option on its rifles poses new dangers.

Is the U.S. Resigned to Cleaning up Mess Israel Makes by Attacking Iran?

If Israel attacks Iran, the United States will be left holding the bag.

Did the “Godfather” of Pakistan’s Nuclear-Weapons Program Aid India’s, Too?

AQ Khan may have sold nuclear know-how and technology to India.

START Stopper

One of the albatrosses around the New START treaty’s neck is missile defense.

The Burr in Iran’s Saddle: Selective Enforcement of the NPT

The West’s refusal to engage in substantive disarmament undermines its credibility to Iran.

Lost in Transition? Nork’s Nuclear Command and Control

The West tries to reassure itself that North Korea’s nuclear weapons won’t get lost in the shuffle of succession.

The Year’s End Brings Real Disarmament That You Can Touch and Feel

Defense cuts — especially to nuclear weapons — are the silver lining of our economic crisis.

The Kims: Like Grandfather, Like Son?

Kim Jong-un may be modeling himself afer his country’s founder, Kim Il-sung.

Iran Digs in With Its Uranium Enrichment Facilities

But weaponization is by no means imminent.

Will Pakistan Counter India’s “Water Bomb” With a Nuclear Bomb?

Indian dams threaten Pakistani water sources.

MEK May Be a Terrorist Organization, But It Doesn’t Deserve to Be Butchered

The MEK has been stranded in Iraq by the United States.

IT Systems Are Just as Important to Flow of Oil as Straits of Hormuz

The oil industry becomes more susceptible to sabotage every day.