Robin Broad is a professor of international development at American University and co-author of Development Redefined: How the Market Met Its Match.


A Road Trip to Save El Salvador’s Water

A delegation of activists from 12 different countries, including IPS Director John Cavanagh, on the fight to stop gold mining in Central America.

How About a Tax System for the 99 Percent?

Feeling like taxes are more unfair than ever?

Behind the Kitchen Door: A Must-Read for Anyone Who Eats at Restaurants

More than half of the nation’s worst-paid jobs are related to food. Saru Jayaraman’s new book dives into the explosive movement for better rights for those who plant, process, and cook the food we eat.

It’s the New Economy, Stupid

While Obama’s policies have the short-term potential to improve the lives of many Americans beleaguered by the economic slump, the approach he champions is insufficient to tackle the long-term problems we face.

Mining for Gold: A Pact With the Devil?

The economic crisis – and the rising price of gold – have spurred North American firms to reopen mines and attack environmental regulations. Here’s what we can learn from El Salvador’s moratorium on new mining permits.

Trading in Democracy: Why Rights Are Still For Real People

International trade deals allow businesses to sue elected governments when corporate interests are threatened abroad. Here’s why you should care.

Mining Gold, Undermining Democracy

Neither foreign investors nor unelected tribunals deserve the power to trump democratically elected leaders.

What Comes Next?: Building on Occupy and the 99% Spring

Many movements, many similar messages. What could the increasing cooperation between protesters mean for the future of the ninety-nine percent?

A World Bank President We Can Get Behind?

The candidates for next month’s selection could finally change the game of serving markets over people – and we all might have a role to play.

Why We Are Still Not Supporting Jeffrey Sachs to be World Bank President

Even today, Sachs’s approach to development remains top-down and formulaic.

Why We Are Not Supporting Jeffrey Sachs to be World Bank President

Even today, Sachs’s approach to development remains top-down and formulaic.

What Do The New World Bank Statistics Really Tell Us?

The statistics upon which most poverty elimination strategies are based are extremely misleading, and often steer experts toward the wrong solutions.

Occupy vs. the Global Race to the Bottom

Incorporating corporate globalization into the Occupy analysis and agenda.

Human Rights over Corporate Rights: Taking on the Trade Laws of the 1 Percent

A protest at the World Bank supported El Salvador’s attempts to say no to gold mining and yes to democracy.

Can Danilo Atilano Feed the World?

Industrial agriculture advocates say organic farming cannot produce enough food for 7 billion people. A group of rice farmers in the Philippines is proving them wrong.

How Occupy is Transforming Our National Conversation

In just two months, the Occupy movement has begun to unseat an economic narrative that held sway for thirty years.

Occupy Wall Street, 1979 Edition

Before there were hashtags, 32 years ago, more than a thousand protesters tried to shut Wall Street down for a day.

Gold or Water? A Deadly Debate in El Salvador Mines

To protect their water supply, Salvadorans are trying to ban corporate gold mining – and facing threats and violence as a result.

Reframing Development in the Age of Vulnerability

Rootedness could be key to enhanced well-being for communities and countries in the 21st century, given the Achilles heel of vulnerability.

Like Water for Gold in El Salvador

The story of a community’s effort to ban gold mining in El Salvador involves environmental martyrs, powerful economic interests, and a DC-based tribunal that can trump democracy.

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