Robert P. Alvarez is a Media Associate at the Institute for Policy Studies. In addition to press and media relations work, Robert writes for IPS and its in-house publications, including the weekly IPS newsletter and a monthly column for

As an undergraduate, Robert studied communications and public affairs at California State University, Chico, where he went on to study political science and public policy as a graduate student.

Robert has worked with a variety of stakeholders including those from criminal justice reform, international development, affordable housing, education, and policy backgrounds. His research interests include voting rights, elections, criminal justice reform, inequality, and Latinx issues.

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Even as Voter Registration Soars, Voter Suppression Lives On

Is your state working to increase accessibility to the ballot box, or to disenfranchise its citizens?

Media Associate

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Criminal Justice Reform, Elections, Inequality, Latinx Issues, Voting Rights

Let’s Get Rid of the Police

The Progressive | July 13, 2021