Rob Prince is a lecturer of International Studies at the University of Denver’s Korbel School of International Studies where he has helped build that program’s undergraduate major in International Studies. Although he hails from New York City, he has lived in Colorado for 43 years where he has taught in higher education since 1971. Trained in Anthropology and Economics, his work concentrates on development problems/challenges of post colonial peripheral countries, especially Algeria and Tunisia. Prince is married with two grown daughters and a 15-year-old dog, Cloudy. He maintains the blog Colorado Progressive Jewish News.


Tunisia Elections: The Real Thing This Time

Although many challenges lie ahead, Ennahda’s victory in Tunisia shows that the country is starting to work like a real democracy.

Unlikeliest of Bedfellows: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and a Mexican Drug Cartel

Shifting the Iranian threat into high gear in time for the election.

Kaddish for Oslo, Part 2: The Palmer Report

September turned out to be nothing short of a political tsunami for Israel’s leaders and, consequently, for the United States as well.

Kaddish for Oslo

The Oslo Accords produced nothing but settlements and suffering.

Libya: Will Air War Become an Occupation? (Part Two of a Series)

Does the United States and NATO plan to turn Libya into a ground war, complete with occupation?

Shifting Targets: From Iran to Libya and Syria (Part 1)

Iran may catch a break as the United States weighs invasions of both Libya and Syria instead.

Has Tunisia’s March Towards Democracy Been Halted in Its Tracks?

Behind the scenes, deposed Tunisian President Ben Ali’s old security network is still a force to contend with.

Tunisian Jews Resist Pressure From Israel to Emigrate

Neither the protesters nor the transitional government will stand for anti-semitism in Tunisia.

U.S.-Algeria Counterterrorism Partnership a Marriage of Convenience

The U.S.-Algeria relationship, a marriage of convenience, was cemented after 9-11 by a what may have been a staged terrorist attack on the part of Algeria.

Is There a Cause and Effect Between Fukushima and Attacking Libya?

Gaddafi’s plans to cancel oil contracts with Europe may have played a role in the decision to attack him.

Gaddafi’s Ace In The Hole? Algeria (Part 2)

Gaddafi’s survival is due, in part, to Algeria’s military and diplomatic backing.

The Arab Awakening: The Name Changes, But Will the Song Remain the Same?

Fear that governments will remain intact with only cosmetic changes are not unfounded.

Where the Demonstrators Wave Black Flags: Algeria, Part 1

The disillusionment which fueled the 1990s civil war in Algeria simmers beneath the surface because little has changed.

A War Israel Is Ill Equipped to Fight

Israel watches as one Arab ally after another begins its death spasms.

U.S. Middle-East Policy: “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil — Just Practice It, Then Act Surprised”

It is not only Mubarak’s regime which has been discredited, but 32 years of U.S. support.

U.S. Policy Exposed by Mid-East Protests

Washington is far from joyous as this “democratic wave” extends throughout the region.

Who’s More Delusional? Former Tunisian President Ben Ali or Washington?

If Baby Doc returned to Haiti, why not Ben Ali to Tunisia?

New York Times Finally Deigns to Cover Tunisia

Why has the mainstream media taken a pass on covering the Tunisian crisis?

Tunisia: Yezzi Fock (Enough!)

Tunisia has reached the point where the military seems to be trying to protect the people from the president.

Inspiring Story of Tunisian Protests Ignored by Washington

Once again, the U.S. seems to prefer the devil it knows in President Ben Ali.

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