Rob Prince is a lecturer of International Studies at the University of Denver’s Korbel School of International Studies where he has helped build that program’s undergraduate major in International Studies. Although he hails from New York City, he has lived in Colorado for 43 years where he has taught in higher education since 1971. Trained in Anthropology and Economics, his work concentrates on development problems/challenges of post colonial peripheral countries, especially Algeria and Tunisia. Prince is married with two grown daughters and a 15-year-old dog, Cloudy. He maintains the blog Colorado Progressive Jewish News.


Syria, the United States, and the El Salvador Option (Part One)

The United States, NATO, and Israel have long sought the destabilization of Syria.

The Brownshirts of the Arab Spring: Tunisia’s Salafists (Part 2)

Why doesn’t Washington voice its opposition to the wave of extremist Islamism sweeping Tunisia?

The Brownshirts of the Arab Spring: Tunisia’s Salafists (Part 1)

Tunisia’s Arab Spring looks more and more like the status quo disguised as a revolution.

The Political Economy of the Maghreb Spring and Its Aftermath

Tunisia is going through a classic transition moment, complete with both opportunity and risks.

Salafists Could Roll Arab Spring Back to Arab Winter

The support that successive U.S. administrations has provided to Salafism and its outgrowth, Wahhabism, is as discouraging as it is bewildering.

To Israel, an Iranian Bomb Is a Hegemonic as Well as “Existential” Threat (Part Two)

Israel and the U.S. have painted Iran with such dark colors that should they decide not to attack it, they would have trouble explaining themselves.

To Israel, an Iranian Bomb Is a Hegemonic as Well as “Existential” Threat (Part One)

Israel fears that its role as regional kingpin would be threatened if Iran developed nuclear weapons.

Tunisia at a Crossroads

Are the changes in Tunisia deep and enduring, or simply cosmetic?

Republicans Keep Shifting Targets: Iran Now in the Crosshairs

President Obama, too, is pushing the envelope with Tehran to keep the Republicans at bay.

The Amilcar Notes (Part 8): Tunisia’s Jews Then and Now (2 of 2)

North African Jewry constitutes one of the great cultural traditions of all time.

The Amilcar Notes (Part 7): Tunisia’s Jews Then and Now (1 of 2)

The Jewish community in Tunisia survived regime change comparatively unscathed.

The Amilcar Notes (Part 6): Tunisia — U.S. Recognizes Need to Change Its Mid-East Policy

Tunisia is an indication that the U.S. recognizes it’s been riding dark horses in the Middle-East for too long.

The Amilcar Notes (Part 5):Election Exhilaration in Tunisia

Moncef Marzouki’s inauguration as president of Tunisia was a precious moment to Tunisians.

The Amilcar Notes (Part 4): Tunisia — Profoundly Islamic

In Tunisia, the Obama administration has no choice but to make peace with political Islam.

The Amilcar Notes (Part 3): Tunisia’s Forgotten Socio-Economic Crisis

Tunisia’s economy is crying out for state intervention.

The Amilcar Notes (Part 2): Tunisia — Emerging Democracy or Just a Facade?

Tunisia’s future is in the grasping hands of its new ruling party, Ennadha.

The Amilcar Notes (Part 1): Zine Ben Ali’s Sorry Legacy

Deposed Tunisian President Zine al Abedine Ben Ali left a legacy of repression, torture, and death.

Israel’s Pickle: Iran (Part 2)

Some Israelis argue that Israel alone is responsible for preventing Iran from gaining the necessary technology for nuclear weapons.

The Iranian Dilemma: Israel (Part 1)

The alleged assassination plot and the recent IAEA report are greasing the skids for war against Iran.

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