Rob Prince is a lecturer of International Studies at the University of Denver’s Korbel School of International Studies where he has helped build that program’s undergraduate major in International Studies. Although he hails from New York City, he has lived in Colorado for 43 years where he has taught in higher education since 1971. Trained in Anthropology and Economics, his work concentrates on development problems/challenges of post colonial peripheral countries, especially Algeria and Tunisia. Prince is married with two grown daughters and a 15-year-old dog, Cloudy. He maintains the blog Colorado Progressive Jewish News.


Algeria’s Trappist Monk Massacre: The Case That Won’t Go Away

It regained prominence with the release of the 2011 film “Of Gods and Men.”

The Dying Sahara: Jeremy Keenan’s Latest Book Reviewed

To beef up the U.S. military presence in Africa to provide security for oil and natural-gas sources, the U.S. needed to either amplify the terrorist threat to the region or fabricate one.

Tunisia and the IMF: Ennahda’s Mana From Washington (Part Two)

Despite reservations, both Washington and Paris have decided that, when it comes to Tunisia, the horse they are going to ride is the Ennahda party.

Purge of the Marabouts: Salafists Target Tunisia’s Islamic Heritage

The cultural and religious assault Islamic extremists are mounting in Tunisia recalls the Taliban’s demolition of the Buddhas of Bamiyan.

“The Gatekeepers”: “We Became Cruel”

Former Shin Bet chiefs turned professional killers for peace in this Oscar-nominated documentary.

Tunisia Boils Over

The assassination of a progressive Tunisian leader is the culmination of a full-blown socio-economic and cultural crisis that has been brewing in the country for the past two years.

The In Amenas Fiasco Throws Cold Water on the Algeria-U.S.-France Love Fest (Part Two)

The Algerian hostage crisis was not only both a human and political fiasco, but its regional implications are still evolving.

The In Amenas Fiasco Throws Cold Water on the Algeria-U.S.-France Love Fest (Part One)

The Algerian hostage crisis was both a human and political fiasco and its regional implications are still evolving.

Tunisia Two Years On: The Crisis Deepens

When President Zine Ben Ali was deposed, a new era of modern Tunisian history — one filled with hope and frustration — unfolded.

Tunisia’s Labor-Led Siliana Uprising Honors the Memory of Labor Leader Farhat Hached

Tunisians protested against massive youth unemployment and low wages.

Once Again, Israel Comes Out on the Short End Politically of a Military Offensive

Either the Israelis and Palestinians will move towards peace or towards more war — there is no in-between.

Israel Takes Out Its Frustration About Iran on Gaza

To Israel, Gaza stands in for Iran as an attack surrogate.

Algerians Shed Few Tears for Deceased President Chadli Bendjedid

Bendjedid was considered by some to be Algeria’s Ronald Reagan — a man whose main skill consisted of acting out others’ scripts.

Former Algerian Defense Minister’s Indictment for War Crimes in Switzerland (Part 2)

The main source of terrorism during the Algerian civil war was elements of the government itself.

Former Algerian Defense Minister’s Indictment for War Crimes in Switzerland (Part 1)

Khaled Nezzar imprudently chose to treat his smoking addiction at a clinic in Geneva, where he was arrested on the street.

Tunisia Culture Wars: Ruling Ennahda Party Refuses to Rein in Salafists

Shortly before the national elections, the Tunisian narrative shifted from the socio-economic crisis which fueled the revolt to religion.

Tunisia’s Culture War: Salafists Run Amok

Tunisia’s Salafists are the brown shirts of the Tunisian Arab Spring.

Syria, the United States, and the El Salvador Option (Part Two)

The United States, NATO, and Israel have long sought the destabilization of Syria.

Egyptian Revolution Frozen in Its Tracks

Since the uprising, Egypt’s ruling class has regrouped.

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