The Economics of the Arab Spring

Economic grievances are galvanizing the Arab street to attempt to redraw the political landscape

The Turko-Persian Tandem

Turkey and Iran are poised to become the fulcrum of a new world order.

The China-Philippines-U.S. Triangle

Newly suspicious of China, the Philippines is tilting again toward the United States.

Iran’s Adventures in Latin America

While the United States is is trying to isolate Iran, Iran is making friends in America’s backyard.

Iran-Saudi Relations: Rising Tensions and Growing Rivalry

New dynamics in the Middle East are defining a new chapter in Iran-Saudi relations.

Iran-Turkey-Syria: An Alliance of Convenience

In the aftermath of the Gaza flotilla in May, a powerful new alliance may be emerging in the Middle East.

60-Second Expert: U.S.-Iran Relations

It is in the best interest of both countries to sit down and negotiate.

An Iran-U.S. Grand Bargain

Iran and the United States, beneath their surface conflicts, have important interests in common.

China and America Jostle in Middle East

Beijing is rapidly expanding its influence in the Middle East. Will Washington do anything more than watch?

Egypt’s Impending Political Earthquake

Egypt is gearing up for a presidential election that will likely transform the politics of this critical Middle Eastern country — and the United States can play a constructive role.

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