What Went Right at Almaty

Iran and the P5+1 powers are finally negotiating instead of just talking.

Towards a Grand Climate Compromise

The climate conference in Doha is a diplomatic charade masquerading as a serious climate negotiation.

Raising the Stakes in Asia

The growing U.S. military presence in Asia could backfire, giving birth to what it ostensibly seeks to prevent.

Staunching Syria’s Wounds

As Syrian society slowly disintegrates, non-aligned states from the developing world may show the way forward to a diplomatic resolution.

Has the Developing World Abandoned Iran?

Iran can no longer count on its partners in the developing world in its standoff with the West.

Dashed Hopes for Baghdad Breakthrough

The West showed little flexibility in recent negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program as the hopes for a diplomatic solution grow dimmer.

Iran: Why This Time Is Different

If the West can provide Iran the space to compromise on its nuclear program, the upcoming Baghdad talks just might yield a breakthrough.

The Syrian Crisis Needs a Political Solution

With the West rethinking armed intervention and the Syrian crisis continuing, political compromise may be the only way to end the violence.

Coming Up: A Tehran Communique?

There is a growing feeling that the crisis in the Gulf can only be solved by a diplomatic grand bargain between America and Iran, much like Nixon’s normalization of U.S. relations with China.

Iran: Willing to Deal

The West’s sanctions on Iran are hurting the country’s middle class and marginalizing the country’s pragmatists. But they can neither cripple Iran’s economy nor halt its nuclear program.

Iran and Post-Withdrawal Iraq

Iraq knows that Iran — unlike America and other Western forces — is there to stay.

The Fading U.S.-Pakistan Alliance

Unless there is a decisive turn in events, Washington might be getting closer to losing a powerful ally in a much-troubled and highly strategic region.

Time to Rekindle Talks with Iran

The latest IAEA report on Iran may dangerously undermine prospects for a reasonable and negotiated resolution of the Iran-West nuclear standoff.

Iran Plot: A Pretext for War

The real target of the fishy Iranian “plot” could be the U.S.-Iranian relationship itself — and that would be a sorry miscalculation.

Arab Spring, Israeli Isolation

With the Arab uprisings reconfiguring the regional political landscape, the time has come for America to regain the trust and goodwill of the Islamic world. The clock is ticking fast.

Arab Spring, Turkish Harvest

As the greatest beneficiary of the Arab Spring, Turkey is going head to head with both Syria and Israel.

The South China Sea Conundrum

A more stable U.S.-China relationship is needed to avoid great-power conflict in the South China Sea.

Dissecting Iran’s Economic Jihad

Despite international sanctions imposed by the West, Iran’s socioeconomic position has improved greatly as it takes advantage of high oil prices to build relationships with growing powers.

Egypt’s Evolving Foreign Policy

Warily eyeing Cairo’s new foreign policy positions, Washington should instead take a position of strategic patience.

Arab Spring, Turkish Summer?

Does Turkey provide a political and economic model for the democracy activists in the Arab world?

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