Review: God Loves Uganda

God Loves Uganda takes an extraordinary look at the influence of conservative American evangelicals on Ugandan society.

France Down With Same-Sex Marriage and Adoption

France is the ninth country in Europe and fourteenth in the world to legalize gay marriage.

Deposed Central African Republic President Bozize’s Loyalists Not Going Quietly

Members of the Seleka rebel movement continue to loot local homes and businesses, instigate violence, and recruit children to their ranks.

Did the Israeli Prison System Claim Another Palestinian Victim?

Maisara Abu Hamdiyeh is the second Palestinian prisoner in as many months to have died in Israeli custody.

Ntaganda: What? No Bail Bondsmen in the Hague?

Congolese warlord Bosco Ntaganda, arraigned by the International Criminal Court, had the temerity to request his release until the start of the trial.

Changing of the Guard All Too Common in the Central African Republic

Leading a rebel group may be the best way to be taken seriously in a country with weak political and civil institutions.

Ugandan Human Rights Group Using U.S. Law to Sue Anti-Gay Pastor

Sexual Minorities Uganda has accused evangelical pastor Scott Lively of promoting anti-gay sentiment and policy in Uganda.

With Bus Segregation Israeli Apartheid Becomes More Blatant

Israel seems to have fewer and fewer qualms about being branded apartheid.

Did Arafat Jaradat Die Under Interrogation?

A case of the conflicting autopsies: Palestinian and Israeli.

Samer Issawi’s Hunger Strike Shines a Spotlight on Israel’s Inhumanity

Israel showed bad faith in rearresting a man exchanged for Gilad Shalit — and worse faith by holding him in administrative detention.

U.S. Could Take a Lesson From France on LGBT Rights

Same-sex marriage and adoption move forward in France.

The West Must Help Syria’s Neighbors Absorb the Impact of Its Refugee Crisis

The sheer number of refugees seeking safe haven is taking a toll on Syria’s neighbors.

Republicans Use Border Control to Obstruct Immigration Reform

The Senate’s “Gang of Eight” insists on making immigrant reform contingent upon strictly enforced border control measures.

Cracks in the Eritrea Edifice

Fissures are beginning to appear in Isaias Afewerki’s dictatorship.

Review: Refugee Hotel

In Refugee Hotel, the authors give us captivating insight into the despair that confronts many refugees upon their landing, without re-victimizing their characters.

    With Bus Segregation Israeli Apartheid Becomes More Blatant

    Transcend Media Service | March 11, 2013

    Did Arafat Jaradat Die Under Interrogation?

    Common Dreams | March 2, 2013