Rebekah Entralgo is the managing editor of the IPS website and newsletter. Previously she covered immigration, labor and tax policy as a reporter at ThinkProgress and later led communications and media strategy at Freedom for Immigrants, a national nonprofit working to end immigration detention. She has reported for NPR member stations in her home state for Florida, as well as the NPR headquarters in Washington DC, where she researched presidential conflicts of interest for the NPR Business Desk.

Rebekah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Editing, Writing, and Media from Florida State University, where she was an undergraduate research assistant studying growing activist movements on social media.


In DeSantis’ ‘Free’ State of Florida, Union Freedom Is Under Attack

A slate of new bills signed by Florida’s billionaire-friendly governor will make it harder for public sector unions to collect dues, worsening the state’s teacher shortage and public school funding.

To Fight Inequality, Tax the Patriarchy and Invest in Care

If billionaires and corporations pay their share of taxes, there would be more than enough revenue to invest in child care, paid leave, and home care.

Unionized Starbucks Workers Roast Billionaire Howard Schultz

A long-awaited Senate hearing drew laughter from observers as the outgoing Starbucks CEO claimed he’s no union-buster, despite dozens of complaints from the nation’s top labor board.

How to Persuade a Billionaire

The newly formed Excessive Wealth Disorder Institute envisions a world of shared prosperity, where ultra-high net worth individuals join in the struggle for economic justice.

Rail Workers Warned Us: Greed Is Dangerous

Following derailments across the country, rail workers have a solution to the nation’s rail crisis: public ownership.

The Rail Unions Warned Us. Greed is Dangerous.

Following multiple, dangerous derailments across the country, those working the railroad have a solution to the nation’s rail crisis: public ownership.

Biden Is Right: You Shouldn’t Pay a Higher Tax Rate Than Billionaires

The president has renewed his call for a “billionaire minimum tax.” If Congress won’t listen, states should.

How Biden and Democrats Can Start Paying Back What They Owe Labor

If he can pressure Congress now into funding the fight against illegal union busting, he can take an important step toward repairing that damage.

Farm Workers Push for Congressional Action During Lame Duck Session

A delegation of farm workers lobbied Congress ahead of the holiday weekend to pass legislation that would provide a pathway to citizenship for thousands of workers who provide the food for our tables.

Inequality-Fighting Ballot Initiatives Win Big

Voters approved proposals to tax the rich, build worker power, and make housing and education more affordable.

Rebekah Entralgo Fernandez on MeansTV on Ballot Initiatives on Election Night

Rebekah Entralgo Fernandez speaks with MeansTV about key ballot initiatives during election night coverage.

Want More Teachers? Start Valuing Education

Too many lawmakers are happy to dole out subsidies for the rich and corporations while resisting pay increases for educators.

NJ Activists are Fed up With Corporations Pocketing Subsidies Without Creating Local Jobs

The November ballot in Camden may include a proposal to require companies to report how many jobs they’re creating for residents of the low-income city.

Why We Need a Black Worker Bill of Rights

“From warehouses to board rooms, from the Deep South to Silicon Valley, we face discrimination in hiring, promotions, treatment, and pay.”

Pressure Mounts on Biden to Take Action on Student Loan Debt

Executive action to cancel $50,000 in student loan debt would increase Black wealth by 40 percent.

Workers, Members of Congress Join Forces to Save Senate Cafeteria Jobs

“Ultimately as we build the union movement in this country, what we are fighting for is an economy that works for everybody, not just a handful of billionaires.”

Addressing Racial Inequality in Paid Leave Policy

Among care advocates, equitable paid leave policy needs to meet the triple A standard: Accessible, affordable, and adequate.

Inside the Campaign to Abolish the Subminimum Wage in 25 States by 2026

“This is the only future for the service sector and the economy overall: wages must go up or there will be no future.”

After Amazon Tragedy, Workers Come Together to Demand Safe Working Conditions

“Amazon was supposed to keep them safe. They didn’t do that. How does a company worth over $1 trillion let this happen?”

Care Workers Are Not Giving up on Build Back Better

Over 35,000 people joined a recent telephone town hall to kick off a six-week campaign to protect investments in the care economy.