Will the Supreme Court Dismantle the Voting Rights Act?

Widespread efforts to suppress voting by people of color and the poor through a rash of voter ID laws make it clear that we still need the landmark 1965 legislation today.

Romney’s Losing Bid to Win the Latino Vote

Romney needs to up his game — pronto.

Losing Latino Votes

The more we know about Ryan, the more obvious it becomes that he and Romney aren’t a winning combination for America.

Arizona’s Immigration Bind

Not only is SB 1070 mostly illegal, it is offensive, unjust, and truly un-American.

Rubio’s False Promise

He’s on the wrong side of too many issues that matter to Latinos.

Go Deport Yourself

Romney’s “self-deportation” policy is no joke.

Alabama’s Immigration Aftershock

HB 56 has been a disaster for agriculture, Alabama’s No. 1 industry.

Rick Perry, a Lousy Amigo

Now that he’s seeking national office, he’s throwing Latinos under the bus to gain support from the tea party and far-right conservatives.

Illegal Discrimination

Alabama’s new anti-immigration law includes provisions that serve no purpose other than to intimidate undocumented immigrants and discourage them from getting an education.

Mitt Romney’s Mexican Roots

If the nation were to deny the children of immigrants birthright citizenship, as some GOP legislators believe we should, could Mitt be deported?

Baby Scapegoats

GOP lawmakers are shamefully seeking to score political points at the expense of undocumented workers’ children.

Who Cleans the Windows of Glass Houses?

Either Meg Whitman considers herself above the law or she was knowingly breaking it.

Immigrant Youth in Limbo

Passing the DREAM Act would allow deserving youth to become productive members of society.

Extremely Unconstitutional

Arizona’s new immigration law calls for racial profiling, which is illegal in the United States of America.

    Will the Supreme Court Dismantle the Voting Rights Act?

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    Romney’s Losing Bid to Win the Latino Vote

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    Romney’s Losing Bid to Win the Latino Vote

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    Losing Latino Votes

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    Arizona’s Immigration Bind

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    Arizona’s Immigration Bind

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    Rubio’s False Promise

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    Rubio’s False Promise

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