Don’t Reward Violence in Iraq by Extending U.S. Troop Withdrawal Deadline

President Obama should not bow to the Beltway voices urging him to keep U.S. troops longer in Iraq.

Congress Sends Wrong Message to Iraq

By supporting the establishment of U.S. consulates in the Kurdish region, Congress is meddling in Iraqi affairs.

Iraq: Seven Years of Occupation

The U.S. occupation has never been a part of the solution and never will be.

Sliding Backwards on Iraq?

The military brass once again floats the idea of indefinite occupation in Iraq.

Iraq Throws Obama a Curve Ball, Key 2010 Elections in Peril

Obama has muddied the waters in his response to the current election crisis.

Getting Iraq to Pay More Is Not the Answer

Congress should stop blaming the Iraqi government for our economic woes.

Iraq’s "Hidden" Conflict

The “hidden” conflict in Iraq is in many ways similar to the U.S. civil war: Iraqis who are for keeping a central government are fighting against Iraqis who want to secede.

Oil Grab in Iraq

A new Iraqi law proposes to open the country’s currently nationalized oil system to foreign corporate control.

Curb Unilateral Decisions Regarding Iraqis

The Iraq Study Group group appears to be intent on drawing more borders and partitions that will further fragment the Middle East.

Iraq’s Sectarian Bloodshed "Made in the USA"

Iraqi Shia and Sunnis have lived in harmony for centuries, the U.S. changed that.

The Iraqi Civil Conflict: Another Reason for Bringing the Troops Home

Evidence exists that the roots of the Iraqi civil conflict is political rather than sectarian, and that the best solution is finding a way to bring the troops home.

A Unilateral Ride over the Edge?

The escalation in Gaza is not an isolated development brought about by the abduction of a soldier. It is the logical conclusion of the unilateral policies pursued by the Israeli government over the last year.

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