Peter Certo is the editorial manager of the Institute for Policy Studies. He edits its Foreign Policy In Focus and OtherWords services, contributes regularly to both outlets, and works with IPS experts to develop writing for mainstream and progressive publications.

He’s a former associate editor of Right Web, a project that monitors efforts to influence U.S. foreign policy, and helped coordinate the first annual Global Day of Action on Military Spending.


Five Reasons Congress Should Reject Obama’s ISIS War

The Obama administration wants a rubber stamp on its unwise, unlimited, and unauthorized new war in the Middle East. It shouldn’t get it.

State of the Empire in 2015

Before Obama’s State of the Union address falls out of the news cycle, here are the foreign policy tidbits you need to remember.

Netanyahu Is a National Security Risk—And Washington Knows It

An anonymous U.S. official caused a dustup when he called the Israeli prime minister “chickensh*t.” Others might have said worse.

Here’s Everything Wrong with the White House’s War on the Islamic State

The Obama administration’s war plans in Iraq and Syria are illegal, ill-conceived, and destined to fail. Here’s what the U.S.—and you—can do instead.

The Off-the-Cuff Breakthrough on Syria

John Kerry may have just accidentally earned himself a Nobel Peace Prize.

A New and Improved Foreign Policy In Focus

FPIF has always been at the forefront of foreign policy analysis in the 21st century — now it finally has a website that looks the part.

Obama’s Biggest Compromise Yet?

Barack Obama’s SOTU speech emphasizes “nation-building at home.” But that doesn’t mean an end to nation-bombing abroad.

2012 in 16 Stories

Our biggest stories from 2012.

Israel’s Real-World Flame War

The vapidity that often characterizes social media makes it the perfect vehicle to advertise the IDF’s senseless attacks on Gaza.

Six Global Issues The Foreign Policy Debates Won’t Touch

In the foreign policy debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, expect these issues to get short thrift.

Dogwhistling Past Libya

The deadly attack on U.S. diplomatic personnel in Libya raises a whole host of uncomfortable questions.

Crowd-sourcing a Nation Into Existence

Nowhereisland proves that it doesn’t take fancy technology or big-name consultants to figure out what most people want.

Real Nowhere Men (and Women)

Nowhereisland is about living kindly, governing gently, and not taking oneself too seriously.

The Pitfalls of Presidential Priestliness

When it comes to decisions that take lives on behalf of the American people, “moral rectitude” is no substitute for transparency in the Obama administration.

The Accidental Experts

Two new films introduce the world’s premier experts on militarism (hint: you won’t meet them in Washington).

The Right’s Curious Nostalgia for Military Rule

Have conservatives ever met a junta they didn’t like?

Lies, Damn Lies, and Sanctions

Placating Israel is the underlying purpose of U.S. sanctions on Iran.

U.S. Government Finally Catching up With MEK Boosters Like Ed Rendell

Shilling for the Mujahedeen Khalq is apparently seen by Washington insiders as a lucrative and low-risk way to enact regime change in Iran.

Syria: The Wrong Drum to Beat

Hawks are using the death of journalists such as Marie Colvin to further the cause of military aid to Syria’s opposition.

Will the GOP Own Its Position on Israel-Palestine?

The Republican National Committee adopted a resolution that’s pro Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories and con an Israel-Palestine two-state solution.