Could the War Go Nuclear?

There has been an assumption, based on all the reports of troop movements and President Bush’s increasingly insistent tone, that war with Iraq is imminent.

Iran: the Next Target?

President Bush’s State of the Union address comes as near to a declaration of war on Iraq as is possible without the guns beginning to fire.

The Prospects for al Qaeda

Once again, we are faced with a situation in which all the emphasis in the war on terror is focused on pre-emption and capture–beating the terrorists into submission. Meanwhile, there is scarcely any focus on the reasons for the groundswell of support fo

Lessons from Mombasa: Al Qaeda’s Long-term Strategy

The al Qaeda phenomenon is best seen as an association of like-minded groups operating in many countries with some loose coordination, with more centralized training, financing, and technical expertise available when required.

The Oil Reckoning

All of the political signals coming out of Washington indicate a conflict within the next three months, and there are numerous indications that the final phase of the build-up of military forces is imminent.

Iraq: Has the Prospect of War Faded?

Regimes may loudly proclaim their fears of a war, yet privately allow the U.S. some leeway, and even give tentative support for its war plans.

After Bali, The Need to Understand

From Yemen to Kuwait and Pakistan, is the entanglement of the U.S. in the Islamic world actually serving the group’s long-term strategy?