Paul Mutter is a contributor to the Arabist, Foreign Policy in Focus, and Mondoweiss.


Israeli Parliamentarians Respond to Bid for Statehood by Calling for Annexation of West Bank

The Land of Israel caucus is urging the Israeli government to respond to the Palestinian Authority’s bid for statehood by formally annexing all Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

“Anti-Price Tag Patrol” Yet More Fuel for Israeli Right’s Fire

“Price taggers” are Israeli settlers who retaliate for IDF removal of Israeli settlers from the West Bank by attacking Palestinians and IDF property.

Rick Perry Rallies Against Palestinian Statehood With Israeli and American Jewish Leaders

Rick Perry called for cutting all U.S. aid to the Palestinians if the UN vote goes through, a measure already proposed by members of Congress.

Libya’s Relationship With Italy Expected to Survive Regime Change

Libya’s Transitional Council and Italy are likely to become fast friends because of oil.

House Reps Reach Across the Aisle to Block Palestinian Statehood

Nothing like the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN to unite Democrats and Republicans together in opposition.

Saudis to U.S.: You’re Sleeping on the Couch Tonight

Former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki al-Faisal warned the U.S. that its recalcitrance over the Palestinian Authority’s bid for statehood will force Saudi Arabia to reconsider its ties with Washington.

Israeli Settlers: Never Shy About Taking the Law Into Their Own Hands

Israeli Knesset Member Ben-Ari has announced a call to action for Israeli settlers to confront anticipated demonstrations in support of the Palestinian bid for statehood.

100 Members of Hamas Arrested Just Before UN Vote for Palestinian Statehood

Israeli security forces report that they have arrested at least 100 suspected members of Hamas, claiming to have foiled multiple bombing and kidnapping plots.

Saudis: “We’re Killing Too Many Civilians in Yemen? Then Give Us Drones”

When accused of killing too many civilians during their airstrikes on Yemen, the Saudis asked for drones to improve accuracy.

Christian and Muslim Extremists: Power-Mad Brothers Under the Skin

Extremists, whether Muslim, Christian or Jewish, are alarmist, anachronistic and most, of all, power-hungry.

Western Multinationals Enabled Qaddafi’s Suppression of Libyans

Giving up nuclear weapons paved the way for Libya’s access to new technology, including surveillance programs.

Why Not a Fantasy Foreign Policy League?

Just as sports commentary draws from warfare, military intelligence lingo sometimes mimics sports talk.

Israel’s Anti-Egypt Posturing a Boon to Eilat Attackers

Israeli denunciations of the “Arab Spring” are counterproductive because they only reinforce the perception that Israel supports dictatorial rule in the region.

Must Be an Oversight: Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and Debbie Schlussel Left Off Domestic Extremist List

Apparently Debbie Schlussel seeks to be the 21st century version of misanthropic 20th century commentator Westbrook Pegler, who lamented the failure of FDR’s would-be assassin.

Bibi’s Mind in Action: “Housing Crisis? I Have Just the Thing!”

One of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s responses to the recent middle-class protests was to build almost a thousand new houses for the settlers.

Pamela Geller’s, uh, Ill-Timed Rants Malign Memory of Utoya Victims

Maybe Pamela Geller just needs a big hug.

Islamophobes Insinuate Their Way Into U.S. Intelligence

Islamophobes, passing themselves off as experts on Islam, have ingratiated themselves with the U.S. political establishment and intelligence agencies.

U.S. Arms Sales to Repressive Regimes Overlooked in Domestic Gun Control Debate

Arms control in a U.S. context tends to evoke more discussion about domestic gun ownership than, say, arms sales to repressive regimes.

On Heels of Anti-BDS Bill, Israel’s Right-Wing Parties Seek to Further Limit Dissent

Flush with victory from the passage of the anti-BDS bill by the Knesset, Israel’s two main parties are pushing new bills to limit dissent and debate within Israel.

Saudi Arabia: Rolling Back the Arab Spring

A chilly reception for the Arab Spring in the Persian Gulf shows the strength of the U.S.-Saudi “special relationship.”