Paul Mutter is a contributor to the Arabist, Foreign Policy in Focus, and Mondoweiss.


The Not-About-Iraqi-Oil Iraqi Oil Map

Dick Cheney had his eye on Iraqi oil long before 9/11.

The Only “Existential Threat” to Israel Is Its Own Irrationality

Meanwhile, to avoid appearing soft on defense during the election year, President Obama might agree to an attack.

Syrian Opposition Sends Mixed Signals to U.S. and Israel

The Syrian opposition can’t seem to decide whether or not it wants the West to intercede.

Postcard from . . . DC: Myth of Iran Support for al-Qaeda Just Won’t Die

Iran war hawks continue to try to link Iran and al-Qaeda.

Israel vs. Israel: Right-wing Activists Arrested

Israel is now treating Israeli Jews as it does Palestinians.

Few Virtues to “Virtual Embassy in Iran”

Don’t expect a virtual embassy and public diplomacy to have much effect on Iranians.

Israel’s Tax-Deductible Occupation

New Israeli legislation limits and taxes contributions to organizations opposed to the occupation.

Bad Pizza . . . and Even Worse Intelligence

The capture of CIA sources in Beirut represents a coup for Hezbollah.

Lieberman Wears Down Netanyahu on Anti-NGO Legislation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu throws in with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on legislation targeting dissident NGO’s.

Stalemate: How Tel Aviv and Washington Will Uphold the Status Quo in Egypt and Syria

The U.S. will likely leave Syria to the Arab League and avoid pressing SCAF over transparency in the upcoming Egyptian elections.

Calls to Boycott Stores with Israeli-Arab Employees Make a Mockey of Anti-BDS Laws

A cadre of Israeli settlers have been compiling a list of Israeli businesses in Jerusalem that employ Arab-Israelis.

U.S. Sends a Message to Iran With Arms Sales to Gulf States

The U.S. has expanded arms sales to its Arab allies since 2008.

Arab Spring Takes Back Seat to U.S. Military Aid for Egypt

The Obama administration refuses to make military aid to Egypt contingent upon the degree to which it embraces democracy.

This Is Not What Containment Looks Like

Washington’s approach toward Iran does not even merit a label, because there is no coherent policy — just a series of actions lurching toward a potential regional war.

Super Stuxnet? U.S., Israel Escalating Malware War Against Iran

A new version of the Stuxnet worm used against Iran’s centrifuge systems is in development.

Great Game in the Horn of Africa

The United States is ultimately chasing al-Qaeda, not the LRA, in East Africa. And this may end up abetting Yoweri Museveni’s crackdown on Ugandan democracy.

Is Iran’s Alleged Cash-for-Assassinations Plot Too Implausible to Be True?

The United States alleges an Iranian plot to trade money and drugs with a Mexican cartel in exchange for assassinating Saudi and Israeli diplomats.

U.S. Military Aid to Israel: Ever Inviolable

Aid to Israel dodges the austerity bullet.

Michele Bachmann “Blames” Obama for Arab Spring

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann attributes President Obama with “laying the table” for the Arab Spring.

When Creation Myths Converge: U.S. and Israeli Colonialism

Both the United States and Israeli believed their wildernesses — and those that inhabited them — needed to be tamed.