60-Second Expert: Ban Ki Moon and R2P

The UN secretary general has taken a forceful position on the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

Book Review:’The Rise and Fall of Fast Track Trade Authority’

A new book on U.S. trade policy demonstrates that fast track is the wrong track.

Demystifying Iran

Beneath the fog of politics, according to a new documentary, Iran has a vibrant youth and art culture.

60-Second Expert: The U.S. and the UN Disability Treaty

139 countries have ratified the disability treaty. But not the United States. The Obama administration can change that with a stroke of the pen.

60-Second Expert: A Tipping Point in the Niger Delta

Oil companies and the Nigerian military are attempting to maintain control of what will soon be one-quarter of U.S. oil imports.

60-Second Expert: Pakistan’s Identity Crisis

In its fight against the Taliban, the Pakistani government is battling a creature of its own making.

60-Second Expert: Democracy in the Middle East

A rundown of how Obama failed to address Egyptian and Saudi repression in his address to the Muslim world.

60-Second Expert: The Key to U.S.-Muslim Relations

For the United States to focus only on improving its image in the Arab and Muslim world is to see only half of the picture.

Bollywood Gets Political

It’s no longer just the same old song and dance: India’s film industry is tackling some pretty serious topics.