Noel Ortega is the coordinator of the New Economy Working Group, which is an informal partnership between YES! Magazine, the Institute for Policy Studies, the Living Economies Forum, Institute for Local-Self Reliance, the New Economy Coalition, and the Democracy Collaborative. In 2015, he will help shape the New Economy Maryland fellowship curriculum.

Before coming to IPS in 2009, Noel was a student leader and activist in California and co-founded student organizations such as Global Resistance Network at Mt. San Antonio College and Students to End Hunger and Poverty at the University of California at Irvine. He has been a leader with Students for Peace and Justice, the Worker-Student Alliance, United Students for Fair Trade, the Real Food Challenge, and the Student Trade Justice Campaign, and he was an Oxfam America CHANGE leader.

Noel holds two BAs from the University of California at Irvine, where he conducted research on the impact of regional free trade agreements on rural communities.


What Piketty Forgot

The crisis of capitalism isn’t just about the gap between rich and poor. It’s about the gap between what’s demanded by our planet and what’s demanded by our economy.

The Tea Party Downgrade: Gambling America’s Future on Wall Street

Securing our future means looking for real solutions to our economic woes, not looking to Wall Street.

“How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule,” New Report, Proposes a Way Out of Economic Recession

As Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke discusses preventing inflation, a new report being released next week calls for restructure of the Fed, bank localization, and more.

We’re Not Broke, Just Twisted

Reversing tax giveaways to the super-rich and the nation’s largest corporations could raise $4 trillion within a decade and avert possible government closures.

Building The Movement to Stop Corporate Tax Evasion

In response to a reader’s comment, Noel Ortega looks at the recent successes of the US Uncut movement.

Nationwide Day of Action Condemns Risky Canadian Dirty Oil Pipeline

Clean energy advocates, landowners, indigenous activists unite to say pipeline puts lives, environment and property in peril.

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