Taxing the Chesapeake Bay

A new government landscape threatens Maryland’s future.

The Hagel Hearings: The Last Best Chance for the Truth About a Lost War and America’s War-Making Future

Chuck Hagel may well be, as Mr. Obama contends, “the leader that our troops deserve.” But don’t the American people deserve a little honesty from that leader about the war that shaped him?

“So Many People Died”: The American System of Suffering, 1965-2014

Nick Turse’s new book uses personal portraits to reveal an often ignored commonality of U.S. wars.

The Drone That Fell From the Sky

What a Busted Robot Airplane Tells Us About the American Empire in 2012 and Beyond

Obama’s Reset: Arab Spring or Same Old Thing?

How the President and the Pentagon Prop Up Both Middle Eastern Despots and American Arms Dealers

How the Tiny Kingdom of Bahrain Strong-Armed the President of the United States

Just how American bullets make their way into Bahraini guns, into weapons used by troops suppressing pro-democracy protesters, opens a wider window into the shadowy relationships between the Pentagon and a number of autocratic states in the Arab world.

The American Way of War Quiz: This Was The War Month That Was (Believe It or Not)

Yes, it would be funny if it weren’t so grim. After all, when it comes to squandering money and resources in strange and distant places (or even here at home), you can count on the practitioners of American-style war to be wildly over the top.

The 700 Military Bases of Afghanistan

After nearly a decade of war, close to 700 U.S., allied, and Afghan military bases dot Afghanistan.

Tomgram: Nick Turse, The Forty-Year Drone War

The wonder weapon of our present moment is the missile-armed unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone, now doing our dirty work, an endless series of targeted assassinations, in the Afghan-Pakistani borderlands.

The Military-Petroleum Complex

America’s oil addiction has gotten it into all sorts of trouble around the world.