Negin Owliaei is an Inequality Editor and Researcher at the Institute for Policy Studies. Before joining IPS, she worked as a journalist and digital producer at Al Jazeera Media Network, where she covered social movements and the internet for the award-winning program The Stream. Negin graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in International Studies and English.


Activists Demand Accountability from Kavanaugh

People around the country are demanding accountability from members of an elite class who have long lived by their own set of rules.

Bank Workers Fight to Rein in Global Finance

One often-forgotten group of people have the information — and the motivation — to tame the bests of finance.

Teresa Romero Selected as First Woman President of United Farm Workers

Romero promises to delve into immigration reform when she takes over the union later this year.

D.C. Restaurant Reaches $1.5 Million Settlement Amid Tipped Pay Debate

A class-action lawsuit against a D.C. institution underscores the need for one fair wage.

New York Taxi Workers Defeat Uber and Lyft with Landmark Legislation

Ride-hailing companies and their corporate lobby were no match for the commitment of the city’s cab driver union.

Lancaster Shows How to Say No to Geo Group

A Pennsylvania county goes up against a giant of the private prison industry and comes out victorious.

D.C. Labor Battle Turns Into a Civil Rights Fight

As city council attempts to overturn a minimum wage initiative, district residents demand elected officials respect their vote.

Toys ‘R’ Us Workers Take on Private Equity Vultures

The toy store’s former employees are using public shaming and pension plans to demand severance and fight Wall Street greed.

Inside the Heated Battle Over D.C.’s Sub-Minimum Tipped Wage

Misinformation abounds as the restaurant industry pours its resources into defeating Initiative 77.

Building a United Working Class in North Carolina

Down Home North Carolina is organizing a multiracial movement to restore power to the state’s working people.

May Day Parade Stands Up Against Wage Theft

Activists demand accountability from Power Design, a subcontractor enabling the “race to the bottom” at construction sites around Washington, D.C.

Demonstrators Disrupt Wells Fargo Shareholder Meeting

An annual protest tradition continues as activists demand accountability from the scandal-ridden bank.

Arizona Teachers Show Link Between Tax Cuts and Underfunded Schools

The state’s teachers go on strike, calling for a ban on tax cuts until education funding reaches national average.

Teacher Strikes are About Far More than Fair Pay

A growing movement is connecting labor struggles with justice in the classroom and the community.

Tipped Workers Win with Spending Bill

The victory belongs to the workers, organizers, and advocates who maintained fierce backlash to the proposal.

Teachers Deserve a Raise. Here’s How to Fund It.

Huge tax cuts for energy corporations have left state school budgets broke.

West Virginia’s Teachers Score a Win

The teacher’s strike holds a lesson for other states: slashing taxes is no excuse for underfunding education.

Florida Farmworkers Push for Fairness in the Fields

South Florida was known as a hotbed for modern day slavery. Now, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers is using their innovative model to bring dignity to the tomato fields.

Building a Labor Movement for the 21st Century

In preparation of the landmark Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case, workers across the U.S. rally to show their collective power and demand an end to the rigged economy.

The Super Bowl Should Support Communities, Not Displace Them

Minnesota activists have launched a week of resistance against racism, corporatism, and displacement caused by the Super Bowl in Minneapolis.