Making Wall Street Loopholes Great Again

The public faces of President Trump’s tax plan, Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin, are poster boys for Wall Street tax-dodging.

Americans Want the Opposite of Trump’s Tax Plan

Tax dodgers get a big break from Donald Trump’s plan.

The Great Oil Swindle

Reports of peak oil’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

Sectarian Jihad in Syria: Made in the USA?

What has been largely been reported as a civil war in Syria is, in fact, no such thing.

Our Own Worst Enemy

Militarization is no substitute for development when it comes to combating radicalism in the AfPak region.

Oil or Terrorism: Which Motivates U.S. Policy More?

The United States is more interested in access to energy sources than fighting terrorism.

    The Great Oil Swindle

    Common Dreams | January 13, 2013