Washington’s Nuclear Hypocrisy

Washington sanctions North Korea and Iran while bolstering its own nuclear arsenal and turning a blind eye to Israel’s.

Bizarre Belligerence on the Korean Peninsula

What the North Korean leadership is hoping to achieve by its belligerence is anyone’s guess, but the aggressive U.S. response has only escalated tensions.

Romney and Ryan: Stabbing at Shadows

There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of the Obama record on foreign policy. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have made none of them.

U.S., India at Odds Over Iran Sanctions

U.S. sanctions on Iran are causing a rift in its relationship with India.

U.S. “Democracy Promotion” May Sour President Obama’s Welcome at Summit of the Americas

The sixth Summit of the Americas in Colombia could prove to be an awkward weekend for President Obama.

Newt Gingrich and the “Madman” Theory of International Relations

According to Gingrich’s logic, North Vietnam would have been justified in attacking the United States.

Nick Clegg’s Pro-Israeli Pronouncements Pale Beside Washington’s

When it comes to blowing Israel’s horn, British Deputy Prime Minister Clegg is not in the same league as Newt Gingrich — or President Obama.

Santorum Puts a Scare Into an Ex-Pat

Rick Santorum’s foreign policies range from the frightening to the odd.

What If an Iranian Spy Plane Had Violated U.S. Airspace?

For sheer chutzpah, nothing can beat the U.S. request to Iran for the return of the downed drone.

    Washington’s Nuclear Hypocrisy

    Descrier | April 30, 2013

    Washington’s Nuclear Hypocrisy

    Common Dreams | April 29, 2013

    Washington’s Nuclear Hypocrisy

    The Eurasia Review | April 29, 2013

    Bizarre Belligerence on the Korean Peninsula

    The Eurasia Review | April 7, 2013