The Forgotten Oscar: “Argo” for Best Propaganda

“Argo” is more tone-deaf to the Middle East than “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Free Elections Encourage in Sierra Leone, But Most Left Behind by Western Development

The citizens of Sierra Leone turned out in droves to vote, but they have failed to benefit from booming oil exploration and the mining industry.

Anything But a Love Triangle: Yemen’s Ex-president, al-Qaeda, and Washington

A review of Gregory Johnsen’s “The Last Refuge: al-Qaeda and America’s War in Yemen.”

President Obama’s Strangely Pragmatic Doctrine

No politician in the U.S. can sell any more American war.

The Real Metric for Syria Is Russia’s Realpolitik

His image isn’t bolstered by the latest rash of defections, but President Assad cares little about Western perceptions.

Attacking Syria Is a No-Win Situation for Turkey

Negotiating with the various factions in Syria would infuse Turkey with national pride and international prestige.

Agreement on Syria Reached Without Syrians

It’s hard to imagine a more frustrating situation than the Syrian conflict.

As Talks Fail Media Mounts a Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

The media acts as if the development of nuclear weapons were a fait accompli on the part of Iran.