Resurgent Arab Nationalism in Egypt?

The Nasserite candidate Hamdeen Sabahi came in third in the first round of the Egyptian presidential election. Is his Dignity Party the wave of the future?

Review: The Journey to Tahrir

Much has been written about the Egyptian revolution. A new book offers fresh, first-hand analysis.

Free Trade Agreement Ignores Colombian History of Violence Against Trade Unions

Colombia is widely regarded as the world’s most dangerous place to be a trade union member.

Annotate This: EU Response to Argentina’s Nationalization

Europe’s crocodile tears for Argentina’s economic development are all about the profits of European companies.

Bolivian President Morales Bows to Pressure and Cancels Amazon Highway

Indigenous groups, who have traditionally served as Morales’s support base, protested the road’s construction, which would have bisected their territory.

Review: The New Protectorates

A new book explores the tensions between liberal state-building and outside manipulation.

U.S. Only Lightening Grip on Reins of Afghan Night Raids

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Israeli Backlash to Palestinian Land Day Global March to Jerusalem

In commemoration of Palestinian Land Day, activists from all continents are gearing up for peaceful protests along the Israeli borders on March 30.