Lessons I Learned from My Father

Eulogy for Marcus Raskin (1934-2017) delivered by Congressman Jamie Raskin

India’s Gambit in the Central Asian Abyss

Central Asia dazzles the world with its energy sources.

Afghanistan Dominates Latest U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue

The Indo-U.S. friendship is on the line.

India’s Need for Iran’s Oil a Sticking Point for U.S. and Its Sanctions Regime

The United States is threatening to also sanction India if it doesn’t observe U.S. sanctions on Iran.

Does India Face East or West?

Until recently, India and the United States have scratched each other’s backs.

    Interview With My Double

    Anderson Valley Advertiser | September 17, 2022

    Raskin Brings Expertise on Right-Wing Extremism to Jan. 6 Inquiry

    New York Times, The New York Times | July 11, 2022