Marc was the director of IPS’s Paths for the 21st Century Project. This includes producing a multi-volume book examining international organizations and politics, reviewing what we have learned from the 20th century of an emancipatory and liberatory nature to serve as guides for new models of equality and alternatives for the 21st century on questions of peace, economic and social justice, cultural rights, democratic reconstruction, and racial and gender equality. He is also currently serving as a professor at George Washington University.

Prior to founding IPS, Marc was a member of the special staff of the National Security Council in President Kennedy’s administration. He has served as advisor to the Episcopal Urban Bishops and as co-chair of the Issues Commission of the Progressive Alliance, a group of 150 public interest and labor organizations. He has also served as a member of a Presidential Commission on Education and advisor to the Bureau of the Budget and the Office of Science and Technology in the Executive Office of the President.

Marc passed away on December 24, 2017, at his home in Washington at the age of 83 years old. Help keep his vision alive by supporting the Raskin Memorial Fund at IPS.


Winning America: Ideas and Leadership for the 1990s

This collection of 38 short, clear and prescriptive articles covers virtually every topic that may be at issue in the 1988 presidential election, from the drug war and welfare reform to the Middle East conflict.


Distinguished Fellow and Founder

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