Mandisa Routheni (Bradley) is the 2016 New Mexico Fellow for the Institute for Policy Studies, and brings with her a passion for the creative development of new systems that will empower peoples of African descent and create a people and planet first world. Mandisa is currently working with the Black Worker Initiative and New Economy Maryland Project.

Mandisa has collaborated with various groups and institutions, including non-profits and schools, to design social justice based curriculum and deliver educational experiences in all spaces of learning, for people from all walks of life. Mandisa earned a BA from the University of New Mexico in Africana Studies, with a double minor in Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies.


The Hunt for Black Family History

Simple genealogy searches don’t work for people whose ancestors were treated like property. But some new tools could help.

The Black History of the New Economy

Black community organizing is at the root of the people and planet first agenda, just take a look at the Vision for Black Lives.

New Mexico Fellow

    Community Engagement, Racial Justice, Young People