‘Muslim Ban 2.0’ Was a Vital Test of Judicial Strength

Local city-based movements have helped strengthen the backbone of judges standing up to these horrific policies.

For Women of Color, the ‘Healthcare Gap’ is Real and Deadly

Millions of Americans will be affected by the GOP’s proposed healthcare replacement plan. But it’s black women and children, already at risk, who will be hit the hardest.

Get to Know Your Muslim Neighbors

If we take the time to get to know one another, we’ll find that we don’t have to live in fear.

How Can You Keep Standing with Standing Rock? Move Your Money

With a Trump administration looming, the fight in North Dakota isn’t over.

Bill Clinton Should Hit the Road for Criminal Justice Reform

If Hillary win this November, Bill Clinton would have the unique opportunity to right the wrongs of his administration.

Honoring Two IPS Giants

IPS dedicated our new conference room to co-founders Richard Barnet and Marcus Raskin—two progressives who left the State Department to turn ideas into action.

Virginia Moves in the Right Direction to Reverse Jim Crow Era Voting Barriers

IPS Criminalization of Poverty Project Director Karen Dolan: “Denying voting rights based on criminal records is an egregious affront to the democratic values we espouse in this country.”

Paris Agreement – Diplomatic Success, Planetary Disaster

IPS climate expert Janet Redman on why the Paris climate agreement is nothing to celebrate.

Across Racial Justice Issues, a Common Enemy

Democracy Spring demonstrated an opportunity for cross-issue collaboration: fighting big money in politics.

Before Bankruptcy, Peabody Execs Feasted on Climate Disaster

Peabody Energy filed for bankruptcy today, but its top executives will still be enjoying the millions they pocketed before the collapse of coal.

Some Questions for the ‘Expert’ Who Accused Me of ‘Passive Terrorism’

The U.S. military apparently thinks Muslim women’s clothing choices — rather than, say, drone strikes — are a driver of terrorism.

White House Hobbles International Criminal Court, World Security

Under U.S. leadership, the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials and the ad hoc tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia established the precedent for holding individuals accountable for committing genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. In contradi

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