M. Junaid Levesque-Alam, a Foreign Policy In Focus contributor, lives in New York. He has been published in several outlets, including Altmuslim.com, CounterPunch, WireTap Magazine, and ZNet. His website is Crossing the Crescent.


Consistency Is the Hobgoblin of Those Who Oppose Supporting the Libyan Rebels

Some arguments against intervention deserve serious consideration. The “hypocrisy” mantra, however, is not one of them.

Arab League Walks a Tightrope With Libya Intervention

At the moment, stopping the unpredictable Gaddafi is seen as the best option by Arab leaders.

Will Libya Become a Second Iraq?

Iraq is clearly differentiated from Libya by the political climate and number of forces on the ground.

How to Prevent Pakistani Anarchy

In 10 weeks of protests, Tunisians and Egyptians achieved for themselves what 10 years of bloodshed could not purchase for Pax Americana or its archenemy in Iraq or Afghanistan.

American Conservatives Choking on Arab Democracy

Why spill blood and spend billions with the ostensible goal of liberating Arabs only to now insist that Arabs not liberate themselves?

Robert Wright and the Koran: Grappling with the Wrong Religion

The overriding religion in America is not the Judaeo-Christian tradition, it’s nationalism.

Fahrenheit 451, Park 51, and Mainstreaming Hate

How did burning the Koran become the equivalent of building an Islamic center near Ground Zero?

Israel and the Rise of Ultra-Semitism

Israeli sentiment edging ever closer to ethnic cleansing.

Strangers in Strange Lands

Before the molten debris at Ground Zero had cooled, heated voices began crafting a new narrative about a quarter of humanity.

“No Mosque in My Backyard” Syndrome and the Perils of Lukewarm Tolerance

Opposition to the “Ground Zero mosque” has emboldened Americans to oppose mosques in their own towns.

The Curious Case of Omar Khadr

Is a teenager throwing a grenade at a soldier a terrorist or a reluctant combatant?

The WikiLeaks Documents Are NOT the Pentagon Papers 2.0

One reason the leak will not become Pentagon Papers 2.0 is that the contents tend to confirm, rather than contradict, news about Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s Insurgents More Like Our Founding Fathers Than We Know?

Is Pakistan’s Taliban motivated by unfair taxation — like our founding fathers?

Hostility to Plans for New Mosques

Some New Yorkers are expressing increasing hostility to plans for new mosques.

Shahzad: A Pretext, Not a Man

Pakistani officials believe the U.S. is trying to use the Shahzad case to pressure the country to launch a ground offensive against the militant hornets’ nest in Waziristan province.

Muslim Blowback?

Muslims in the United States are relatively well integrated into society. So, why the recent spate of attacks carried out by U.S. Muslims?

Muslims in America

For American Muslims, home is not exile. Indeed, Muslims here can serve as the great inter-civilizational fulcrum of our time.