Lee Price has served as the Chief Economist at the House Appropriations Committee and the Commerce Department and at other congressional committees (Joint Economic, Senate Budget, House and Senate Banking). He was also Research Director at the Economic Policy Institute and the United Auto Workers. Over the years, his research interests have included monetary and fiscal policy, labor economics and income distribution, tax policy, and international trade and finance. Lee received a B.A. in Economics from Stanford University and an M.A. and J.D. in Economics and Law both from the University of Michigan.


The Basic Case for a Wealth Tax

America’s 12 wealthiest now control $1 trillion of wealth. The only practical way to address this extreme wealth concentration: a tax on accumulated grand fortune.

Supreme Court Could Soon Make Government Regulation, and the Next Election, Moot

Without the power to regulate health, safety, and finance, we’ll be living in a much sicker, more dangerous and more economically unstable world.

We Worked on Tax Reform Under Reagan. Trump’s Is Much Worse.

Reagan actually raised taxes on corporations.

Trump’s ‘Tax Reform’ Is More Regressive Than Even Reagan’s

The last thing the country needs is a sham tax reform designed to reward Republican donors with more tax breaks.