Brazilians’ Demands: From Lower Bus Fares to a Fair Society

With a million people demonstrating in the streets of Brazil, everyone’s scrambling to understand how a 20-cent bus fare hike turned into a social revolt.

U.S. Efforts to Block Democracy in Venezuela Harm Hemispheric Relations

The U.S. government stands alone among major world governments in refusing to recognize the results of the recent Venezuelan presidential election

Chavez: Washington Nemesis, Latin American Hero

What scared Washington most about Chavez was not his failures or idiosyncrasies. It was his success.

Killing Spree on the Border

A real commitment to security must place human life and public safety above all else–no matter which side of the border you’re on.

Obama Must Rewrite His Foreign Policy Legacy

Obama will need to recast a foreign policy that has been weak or downright contradictory in standing up for the principles he himself has espoused

Heart-to-Heart on the Drug War

Mexican families touched by the drug war have brought their Caravan for Peace to the U.S., laying the groundwork for a binational peace movement.

Mexico’s Movement for Real Democracy

The recent elections in Mexico have created a youth-led movement for change.

U.S. Hand in Honduran Massacre

Why was the State Department involved in a shooting of Mosquito Coast villagers in Honduras?

Mexico’s G20 Summit: In the Eye of the Storm

Laura Carlsen examines the political and economic climate looming before the G20 summit in Mexico.

50% of the 99%

Where are women in the global economic crisis and the Occupy response?

The G20 Under the Mexican Presidency

The upcoming G20 summit in Mexico provides new opportunities for civil society to explore alternative answers to the G20s decisions, and to make their voices heard.

Honduras: When Engagement Becomes Complicity

Honduran security forces are murdering, raping, beating, and detaining Hondurans — with U.S. aid.

The Drug War’s Invisible Victims

Women bear the burden of the violence that is convulsing Mexico.

Fiddling on Climate

At Durban, international negotiators are fiddling while the world burns.

NAFTA Is Starving Mexico

Free trade has starved Mexico and stuffed transnational corporations.

Drug War Madness

Forty years after the war on drugs began the fallout from bad policy has had dire consequences both home and abroad.

The Audacity of Free Trade Agreements

President Obama is reversing his earlier commitment to a new kind of trade relationship with the world by pushing three ill-conceived FTAs.

Development and Migration: The Missing Link

President Obama’s speech in El Paso on May 10 put the immigration debate back on the table. In reaffirming his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform, he attempted to reframe a debate that has been dominated by a focus on security.

Ending Rape in War

Sexual violence is not a byproduct of war or an uncontrolled act by rogue soldiers, but a war crime committed primarily against women.

60-Second Expert: Gunrunning to Mexico

The Obama administration faces a scandal around a U.S. gunrunning operation to Mexico.

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    Brazilians’ Demands: From Lower Bus Fares to a Fair Society

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