If Israel Wants to Prevent Terrorism, It Should Stop Evicting Palestinians

Housing demolitions create an environment of constant anxiety for Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem, increasing the likelihood of violent retaliation.

Why Should the U.S. Accept Syrian Refugees? Because It Helped Displace Them.

Washington is one of the most active players in Syria’s civil war, but it’s accepted effectively 0 percent of the conflict’s refugees.

Dubai’s Skyline Is a Monument to Oppression, Not Prosperity

Visual artist Arko Datto combines satellite images and text to paint a picture of migrant workers’ lives in the Arabian Peninsula — and his findings aren’t pretty.

Can Americans Born in Jerusalem Say They’re From Israel?

How a semantic argument over passports prompted a debate over who gets to shape U.S. foreign policy toward Israel-Palestine.

Think California’s Drought Is Bad? Try Palestine’s.

While Israelis water their lawns and swim in Olympic-sized pools, Palestinians a few kilometers away are literally dying of thirst.