Vultures Over Burma

A poem: To all the men and women who sing change change change Mee-ahn mar–we never heard of you before.

Moe Ma Kha Plant

The dissident, like the plant, does not kowtow to the sky.

In the Garden by the Lake

A poem about Hillary Clinton’s visit to see Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma.

Burma’s Junta: Can a Tiger Change Its Stripes?

The generals of Burma’s ruling junta have set aside their uniforms, but they still resemble a military dictatorship.

War on Roaches

A poem about genocide read in front of the Burmese embassy on the Poetry Walk of Shame.

Review: ‘What’s That? A Human Hell’

U Win Tin spent 19 years in Rangoon’s notorious Insein prison. The chief strategist of the National League for Democracy managed to keep organizing even behind bars.

War and Peace: An Epic Mural

The Vietnamese-born artist Huong has created an immense mural that depicts the horror of war and the imperative of peace.

Monks Versus the Military

Kyi May Kaung looks at the religious roots of the protest movement in Burma today.

Out of Burma

Novels about Burma are all the rage. Kyi May Kaung discusses the Burmese novels that you haven’t read yet.

Burma Strategic Dialogue: Responses

Kaung and Steinberg rebut each other’s arguments.