Columnist Kwei Quartey was born in Ghana and raised by an African American mother and a Ghanaian father, both of whom were university lecturers. He lives in Pasadena, California where he runs a wound care clinic and is the lead physician at an urgent care center. He is the author of two novels, Wife of the Gods and Children of the Street, with Murder at Cape Three Points due out in 2012. His website is


Blood Phones and the Congo

The slaughter in the DRC is intricately linked to electronic components carried by millions of people in the United States and Europe.

Is It Time for an African Pope?

As pope, an African could provoke a subtle but important change in global attitudes toward Africa and focus more attention on a rising continent rich with promise and challenges alike.

Africa to the World: “Don’t Tell Us Who We Are or What To Do”

British objections to how Algeria handled its hostage situation and a recent visit by one of its boy bands to Ghana highlight U.S. and European condescension towards Africa.

From Here to Timbuktu

One longs for the heyday of ancient Timbuktu, when African scholars pored studiously over learned manuscripts in quiet libraries.

Why Africa Is Turning to China

China portrays Africa as a partner in common prosperity, rather than a “doomed continent” requiring aid.

People, Machines, and Challenging the Election Results in Ghana

The declared loser in the Ghana presidential election is not going gently into the electoral good night.

Lessons of Sandy

Hurricane Sandy demonstrated that a natural disaster could quickly, if temporarily, downgrade a rich country to third-world status.

AIDS in Africa and Black America

The United States should take a lesson from Africa in dealing with its AIDS epidemic.

How West Africa Helped Win World War II

The Second World War’s Eurocentric history must be widened to give sub-Saharan Africans and many other world peoples their due.

Ghanaian Oil: Only for the 1 Percent?

Can Ghana make its nascent oil industry work for the 99 percent?

Oil Over Troubled Waters?

Will Ghana’s new oil industry provoke civil, economic, and environmental conflict?

President Obama About as Responsible for the Price of Gas as Chocolate

The price of gasoline is determined by world commodity markets, not President Obama.

Occupy Nigeria

Africa’s most populous nation has a unique history of fighting against injustice.

Can the West “Export” Gay Rights?

When it comes to attitudes toward gays and lesbians in Africa, donor countries need to conjure up all their skill to walk the tightrope between mindfulness and meddling.

Food of the Gods

The politics and socioeconomics of chocolate and why it is still a guilty pleasure.

Dismantling Elmina Castle

Ghana is the latest focus of oil companies. Can it escape the resource curse?

The Nobel Prize and The African Woman

Three women are sharing the 2011 Nobel Prize for Peace.

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