Kevin Shih is the 2010 – 2011 Carol Jean and Edward F. Newman Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. He is currently a researcher for the Global Economy Project and New Economy Working Group.

After graduating from Pitzer College with a BA in Sociology, Kevin was involved with the Clean Air Campaign at the Labor Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles. He was also an intern for the Welfare Reform and Income Support Division at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities prior to joining IPS. Kevin’s research interests include social welfare programs, poverty alleviation policies, socio-economic inequality, and sustainable economic development.


Does DC Have the Audacity to Pass an Income Tax Increase?

Council Members take notice: The people want taxes on the wealthy to be raised.

Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity: A Redefinition of the Role of Government

Can we really trust for-profit corporations to provide us cost effective health care for those who can’t afford it?

A Few Thoughts on the Mid-Term Elections

As we enter a more challenging political landscape, IPS will continue to utilize its inside-outside strategy to promote true democracy and challenge concentrated wealth, corporate influence, and military power.

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$400,000 Annual Household Income and Still Struggling?

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Both California Senate Candidates Use IPS Reports to Slam Each Other

In California, our CEO pay report has become a bipartisan tool on the campaign trail.

CEO Pay and the Great Recession

At a time when we’re experiencing the worst economic crisis in the past 80 years, CEOs who slash jobs should have to tighten their own belts.

CEOs Who Cut the Most Jobs Earn More than Peers

The 17th annual Executive Excess report shows that CEOs are squeezing workers to boost short-term profits and their own paychecks.

Executive Excess 2010: CEO Pay and the Great Recession

The 17th annual executive compensation survey looks at how CEOs laid off thousands while raking in millions.

Killing Jobs is Bad for Business

With so many workers losing their jobs, people are buying less and paying less in taxes.

Detroit’s Unsustainable Casino Economy

How can we bring back good jobs and sound infrastructure back to the former Motor City?

Tax Wall Street to Pay for Jobs

The Senate should be looking for ways to jumpstart the economy — but not at the expense of those who suffered the most from the crisis.

Taxing the Wall Street Casino

In the United States and many countries around the world, there is growing momentum behind proposals to place a very small tax on trades of stock, currency, derivatives, and other financial assets.

K Street Showdown in Washington, DC

What went down on May 17th, when labor and justice groups organized a rally against lobbyists.

Battered by the Storm: How the Safety Net Is Failing Americans and How to Fix It

The economic crisis is still on the rise for millions of Americans, while at the same time the social safety net is failing to support many of them.