Kevin Funk is the co-author, along with Steve Fake, of The Scramble for Africa: Darfur-Intervention and the USA. They maintain a website with their commentary at


Pennsylvania Divests Itself of Companies Working With Iran, Sudan; Somehow Overlooks Israel

Pennsylvania divestment bills are unlikely to have much impact on Iran or Sudan, but they provide fodder for moral pieties by politicians.

60 Second Expert: Sudan

Democracy promotion is not a top priority for the United States in Sudan.

Allergic to Dissent: Khartoum and Washington

To effectively advocate for the people of Sudan, we must first understand that Bashir’s open disdain for democracy in the region is amply matched by Washington’s.

Toward an Abrahamic Peace

A grand alliance of religious groups and secular progressives can help realize the vision of Obama’s Cairo speech.

Postcard From…Khartoum

Even in the midst of war and international isolation, the capital of Sudan is booming.

Strategic Dialogue: Responsibility to Protect

In response to genocide and ethnic cleansing, the UN has adopted a new doctrine called the Responsibility to Protect. Are we finally going to say “never again” or is it just “more of the same”?

R2P: Disciplining the Mice, Freeing the Lions

The Responsibility to Protect doctrine, regardless of the good intentions of some proponents, is just another method for the more powerful to impose their will on the less powerful.

Scramble for Africa

Kevin Funk and Steve Fake offer a scathing and penetrating new look at the crises in Darfur — one that you won’t find in The New York Times or from the Save Darfur Movement.

Candidates on Darfur

As the Democratic presidential primary campaign limps on, and the cacophony of focus-grouped sound bites strikes a fevered pitch, the candidates are making surprisingly little noise about Darfur.

Efficacy, Wind-Blowing, and the Favored Villain

A response to Daniel Millenson: The divestment movement from Sudan still makes clear “the failures in our intellectual culture”

Divestment: Solution or Diversion?

The divestment movement from Sudan makes clear “indication of the failures in our intellectual culture”

Saving Darfur or Salvation Delusion?

It’s amid the U.S. government’s contradictory posturing and less-than-humanitarian geopolitical motives that the activist movement addressing Darfur operates.