Karla Molinar is the New Mexico Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. Her experience as an immigrant lead her to join immigrant rights organization lead by immigrants themselves such as the UNM Dream Team. Eventually, she co-founded the New Mexico Dream Team, now the largest immigrant-youth lead organization in New Mexico. For the past 6 years, she worked on Education Equity programs to create safe spaces for undocumented students at the University of New Mexico, where she co-founded the Annual Educators Summit and created curriculum for the Dream Zone training, which equips educators and administrators to change their institutions to become safe spaces. She has worked with immigrant youth and allies on advocacy and policies to help create freedom cities and immigrant-friendly resolutions across New Mexico. She recently graduated from the University of New Mexico, receiving a double major in International Studies and Political Science.


Who Is Breaking The Law At The Border?

At the Mexican border, US law is flagrantly disregarded by people who know they will never be punished.

Worse Than the Wall

The agencies that separate families, abuse children, and deport innocent people should be just as toxic as Trump’s wall.

English-Only Laws Have a Disturbing History

Beyond forming the basis to deny American identity to certain groups, English-only laws neglect the unique contributions of Americans from different backgrounds.

Who Sets the Terms of Immigration Debate?

Allowing white nationalist rhetoric to demonize immigrants is how agencies like I.C.E. and the Border Patrol get away with the grossly inhumane treatment of undocumented people and refugees.