Karen Hansen-Kuhn is International Program Director at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. Her work has focused on bringing developing countries’ perspectives into public debates on trade, food security and economic policy.


A New Trade Vision for a Green New Deal

The world must agree to trade rules that encourage a fair and democratic transition away from fossil fuels and toward a Global Green New Deal.

Food security and the WTO

The WTO should stop insisting on an out-of-date trade agenda. It should get back on track — or get out of the way — to support fresh approaches that bolster local food systems.

A Volatile Agenda on Agriculture

The U.S.-Colombia free trade pact would reinforce a system that leaves farmers and consumers at the mercy of volatile prices and markets.

Redefining Security: A Budget for a New Generation

As leaders of 34 Western Hemisphere countries gather in Quebec City, Canada in April 2001, President George W. Bush hopes that the third Summit of the Americas will mark a step toward fulfilling his father’s dream of creating a free trade area stretching from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

FTAA Fails to Gain Support from Citizens and Governments Across the Region

Trade ministers from the Americas are meeting in Miami November 20-21 to discuss plans to complete—or drastically scale back the scope of—the negotiations of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

Free Trade Area of the Americas

The economic crisis in Mexico has dampened enthusiasm in the U.S. for the extension of free-trade agreements throughout the Americas.

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    A Volatile Agenda on Agriculture

    The (Easton MD) Star Democrat | June 3, 2011

    A Volatile Agenda on Agriculture

    The Great Falls (MT) Tribune | June 3, 2011