Magnitsky Act Backlash

Russian officials seek to create the Dima Yakovlev List in retaliation to the Magnitsky list.

Looking for Leadership on Internet Privacy

Europe is taking the lead on digital privacy protection.

The Magnitsky Act: Fueling Tension with Russia

The Senate makes political hay over the martyrdom of Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky.

Review: Consent of the Networked

A new book provides an excellent account of the dilemmas involved in Internet policymaking.

Sgt. Bales: Is Further Proof Needed That Multiple Tours Are a Recipe for Disaster?

One can’t help but wonder why more soldiers don’t snap under the pressure of serving multiple tours in Afghanistan.

Qur’an Burning an Arson Attack on Islam

The soldiers who dumped copies of the Qur’an into an incinerator may as well have set fire to a religion.

Review: Occupy World Street

A new book on economic inequality puts environmental sustainability at the heart of global economics.

Preventing a Blowout in the Arctic

Russia’s push to explore for oil in the Arctic is bad news.

Is Latvia an Example to Other States in Economic Crisis?

Austerity packages and job cuts have not solved lack of consumer confidence in the Latvian banking system or financial officials.

Review: The Unconquered

A new book describes an attempt to map uncontacted tribes in the Amazon without contacting them.

    Preventing a Blowout in the Arctic

    The Eurasia Review | February 16, 2012

    Preventing a Blowout in the Arctic

    Common Dreams | February 15, 2012