Joy Zarembka is the Associate Director for the Institute for Policy Studies and oversees the financial and administrative aspects of the organization. During 2010-2011, she served as the Interim Director of the organization while Director John Cavanagh took a sabbatical. Prior to her position as Associate Director, Joy served as Operations Director for the Institute. She was formerly involved in programmatic work at IPS, serving as the Director of the Break the Chain Campaign project, a coalition of legal and social service agencies, ethnically based organizations, social action groups and individuals devoted to protecting the rights of the migrant domestic working community. She has testified as an expert witness in over a dozen civil and criminal cases involving worker exploitation and modern-day slavery.

Joy M. Zarembka was “born, bred and buttered” in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received her undergraduate degree from Haverford College and Master’s degree from Yale University in International Relations. In February 2002, Joy was named one of the Women’s Information Networks’s Young Women of Achievement for the year. Her book, “The Pigment of Your Imagination: Mixed Race in a Global Society” remains number #1,201,456 on the Amazon bestseller list with little chance of budging from that coveted spot.


A Better State of the Union: Shift From Austerity to Jobs

We need to transition away from a fossil-fueled, speculative, exploitative, and militarized economy that serves the needs of Wall Street, Walmart, and Lockheed Martin instead of the American people.

Join Us October 17 at the Letelier-Moffitt Awards

Tickets may sell out, so buy yours now.

Unconventional Wisdom: 2012 Letelier-Moffitt Awards

Student activists in Chile and foreclosure opponents in Boston showed the way to fight for human rights, and will be honored by IPS this fall.

Unconventional Wisdom: The Power of Culture

The Institute for Policy Studies has a long history of combining political analysis with the power of culture

Unconventional Wisdom: The President Talks About Inequality

Thanks to the persistence of the Occupy movement and Romney’s tin ear, President Obama devoted much of his State of the Union address to the damage extreme inequality wreaks on our democracy.

Unconventional Wisdom: Bread and Roses

Ponder the 100th anniversary of one of the most important strikes in American labor history, a key moment in the history that now leads us to the Occupy movement.

Obama: Selectively Honoring MLK

While the President honored MLK’s work for civil rights and economic justice, he did not mention King’s equally important work against the Vietnam War and U.S. militarism.

From Arab Spring to Wisconsin to Wall Street to October 12

The roots of this new social movement trying to “occupy everything” reach deep into the soil of Egypt and Wisconsin, and lead us into honoring our heroes of activism.

Unconventional Wisdom: A New Legacy

In 1963, as King was giving his most famous speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, IPS was just opening its doors.

Unconventional Wisdom: Rebuilding the American Dream

IPS is working hard to generate ideas and policies around many of the core 10 pieces of the Contract for the American Dream.

Unconventional Wisdom: Scorching the Budget

The rhetoric around the budget and the debt ceiling simply can’t get any hotter without melting down the country.

Unconventional Wisdom: Fighting with Love

Resilience Circles and a new campaign called Caring Across Generations are putting people at the center, to fight the economic downturn with the strongest weapon available.

The End of the Sacred Cow

Over the last decade, military spending has nearly doubled. We have a bold vision about ending waste in the vast military budget, and providing a road map on how to shift security resources more effectively.

Known Exposure

Throughout its history, IPS has worked to educate the public about the U.S. government’s failure to inform the public about the extremely high risk of radiation.

Reflections on Inequality

This week’s edition of Unconventional Wisdom focuses on inequality among powerful men and immigrant maids, as well as working-class taxpayers and the richest people in the country.

Talking The Talk

President Obama seems to be shifting his message but not his actions when it comes to reducing military spending and reigning in the Bush tax cuts.

A Better Way to Balance the Budget

Corporations benefit from tax breaks and loopholes, while armies get fortunes from governments. Without sacrificing social programs, there are better ways to balance the budget.

Name This Moment

Democracy Spring? The Great Neocon Refudiation?

Unconventional Wisdom: Name This Moment

What will we eventually call this historic wave of peaceful protests and solidarity that’s spreading around the world?

A Deficit of Ideas

In the SOTU, President Obama missed out on the opportunity to advocate for a progressive vision of the United States and to take on a real leadership role.

Vice President of Planning and Innovation

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