How Military Contracting Hides Human Costs and Increases Inequality

Some 8,000 U.S. contractors have died abroad since 9/11, compared to 7,000 U.S. troops.

Reach Out to Cuba to Heal Guantnamo’s Wounds

The United States should re-engage Latin America by turning the soon-defunct Guantánamo Bay prison into a medical center.

Venezuelan Term Limits

Chávez’s popular social programs propelled him to a decisive referendum victory, but the question of how to sustain them will be key in determining what happens next in Venezuela.

Postcard from…Montevideo

The United States could learn a few lessons from Uruguay about how to get out of a financial crisis.

An Appeal to My Generation for Social Reconstruction

We all have a stake in building a more humane and just society—including young activists across the globe.

What Doug Feith Taught Me About Decision Making

Doug Feith discussing decision making (and his new book) should sound an alarm for people who want to learn exactly how not to make a decision.

Putting Foreign Policy in a Domestic Focus

A just domestic policy will lead to a just foreign policy